Wardford believes that if Obama doesn’t appoint an African American male of the caliber of Holder and Patrick in this era “It would never happen. There is a shift in the country to a more conservative viewpoint and I think that type of momentum will continue.”
“Over the course of history conservative presidents have never had the problem of selecting people to the court that reflect their views and in most cases they were extreme,” Wardford said. “We need another Thurgood Marshall. Now is the time to do so more than ever. And probably the reason being is right now we have a definitive division of class warfare going on in America between rich and poor. The wealthy have their advocates in government and on the Supreme Court which is why we’ve seen laws like eminent domain.”
He said, “There’s never been a problem with conservatives appointing people and it was never challenged. I believe that the Holders and Patricks of the world represent everyday people. We must never be afraid of people who represent everyday people.”
Reggie Turner, former president of the National Bar Association, the organization of more than 40,000 African-American lawyers said both Holder and Patrick would be great choices for the Supreme Court.
“They both have long and distinguished careers in the law and Integrity beyond reproach,” Turner said. “ Their contributions to public service and their private sector contributions give them perspective that will be invaluable to the deliberations of the court.”
Turner said if the opportunity presents itself for either Holder or Patrick to sit on the highest court in the land in the Obama era, “I think the court will benefit from additional diversity both in terms of representing all the talents and skills drawn from the backgrounds of great intellectuals like Holder and Patrick, and from the intellectual force that they will bring to the court.”
If President Obama nominates an African American male with the legal brilliance of Justice Marshall to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court, it will be a major coup for the continued battle for civil and human rights.
Because Marshall stands out as one of the greatest legal minds of the 20th century who helped to end legal segregation in America during his victory in the Brown v. Board of Education case.

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