Several research studies (called clinical trials) involving diseased heart valves are currently looking for research participants. These studies involve the use of investigational devices. This means that research studies are required to determine whether these devices are safe and are beneficial to patients. In some cases, these devices might allow patients to undergo less invasive procedures than traditional open-heart surgery (“less invasive procedures” mean not as much cutting into or entering the body with surgical instruments). If you are interested in enrolling in this type of study, you might undergo physical examinations, blood and other tests to make sure that you are eligible. After you complete these tests, results will be reviewed by a committee of doctors to determine whether you are eligible.
Participating in this type of research may benefit others in the future by improving treatment of diseased heart valves. Like all research studies, your participation is completely voluntary. You may withdraw from a study at any time. The study doctor might also end your participation if he or she determines that it is not in the best interest of your health.  
If you are interested in learning more about this type of research, please call the HVI Valve Center at 1-877-412-8258.

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