(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:
I have been dating a man for the past eight years. He was married up until two years ago. That’s when he moved in with me.
This is the problem: My son is nine years old. I did not know my fiancé had such a difference of opinion until we started living together. People are telling me he is a good “catch” and I should be thankful. I came home from work three weeks ago and my fiancé was there watching TV with my son. He told me his job had laid him off. I was too angry when I realized my fiancé was watching porn movies—with my son. At nine years old, my fiancé says he will soon know everything. I don’t agree.
Gwendolyn, should I keep my fiancé for possible marriage or let him go?—Reba
Dear Reba:
I realize children are seeing what should not be for children. There was a time certain porn movies were on late night. But now it seems pornography is being marketed for children when they get out of school (before parents come home). I advise you to stop the relationship. He was not good for you while married, and he is not good for you now.
You did not realize his thoughts because he was apparently not at your home long enough for you to determine his character. You know…it takes a lot of time for a man to run from his wife to his woman—and back to his wife.
Reba, let me tell you this: Women who date married men often develop an ego not realizing the ‘joke’ is on them. So many times the wife—is glad he’s gone.
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