It is election time again and it’s for the powerful and important position, Mayor of the city of Pittsburgh. As you look in the mirror ask yourself “do any of the candidates resemble my image?” If not, why not?
How many Black men or women have run for public office against a person that was not Black? Black voters got enthusiastic when Obama was running for President of the United States, but demonstrate little interest in local politics when in fact the most important politics are local. Allow me to list some local political positions that Blacks have never held and 99 percent of the time has failed to even challenge.
Allegheny County first: county executive, sheriff, district attorney, treasurer and controller. Pennsylvania: state senator, governor, auditor or attorney general.  National: United States Congress or United States Senator. In the city of Pittsburgh: mayor, controller and how many ever aspired to be president of Pittsburgh City Council.
The time is long overdue for Black people throughout Allegheny County not to begin to question themselves or others but make up their minds collectively that the time is now. This is not a new concept but one that Blacks have discussed for a number of years.
I first heard it talked about in 1954, almost 60 years ago. In every election there are those of us, who have degrees, decent jobs, knowledgeable about politics, assume they are HNIC in the community and then there are those committee persons and chairpersons who have sold or gave their lives to the party, expecting some personal benefits at the detriment of the overall community.
In the upcoming Mayor of Pittsburgh election I would welcome a debate between the Black persons who will be out front for the three candidates. It would be a welcome change for the people, especially the Black voters to hear why these people bought into their candidate and how it will benefit the overall Black community.
I am looking forward to the debate.
History is replete with Black citizens in Black countries worshiping gods that bore absolutely no resemblance of themselves. Have Blacks in Allegheny County permitted themselves to get caught up in the same scenario?
Lets’ start 2013 by supporting the Kingsley Association.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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