There is a whole new crop of reality shows for your viewing pleasure. Please don’t let this be our new normal.
The other night I was watching “Sisterhood.” This is about wives of ministers in Atlanta. There must be something about the city of Atlanta. So many shows that are sold as reality are coming out of the ATL.
As a friend of mine would say, “Jesus take the wheel.” These shows are a mess.
The show “Sisterhood” is centered on four women who are married to ministers. These women are not your average first lady of the church and everyone is not happy about this show.  
For instance, some church figures, like well-known gospel recording artist and Perfecting Faith Church Pastor Donnie McClurkin, have created dialogue for Twitter followers after expressing disapproval of the show.
“Why do we support such things like TLC’s ‘SISTERHOOD’ showing the underbelly of 1st ladies, hurting the church image, giving God a bad name,” McClurkin questioned over 100,000 Twitter followers. “I really wish ALL of Christiandom [sic] would do the same and boycott it. We have to defend the image of the KINGDOM! SPREAD THIS WORD.”
Well Donnie, I’m trying to help you spread the word. This mess is crazy, but let’s also talk about the other reality fiasco, or depending on how you look at it this may be a big reality success.
“The Best Funeral Ever!” Tell me you have seen this show where the Golden Gate Funeral Home in Dallas, Texas, strives to give you the funeral you really want to have.
Perhaps you would like to be laid out in a barbeque grill or have a Christmas themed funeral or maybe your family thinks you should be cremated and then your ashes taken to the amusement park for the ride of your life. Or would that be the ride of your death.
At this point I’m confused. I have never seen a funeral home like this. They have funeral planners, at least a couple of dozen each with their own cubes or offices, professional mourners who get the crying and hollered started if the real family doesn’t do a good enough job at it.
I want to know how much does all this cost?  Who has this kind of money to put in the ground?
I took a look at the Golden Gate Funeral Home web site just to see if this was really real and they are. OMG they have one of their commercials on their website featured a man who didn’t know he was dead and looks at his self in the casket and says “I’ve never looked this good.”  
The next new normal may not get the green light, that is movie talk or TV talk for the go ahead, I’m talking about “All My Babies Mommas.” The show is about a little known rapper (until now), Shawty Lo, from the ATL who has fathered 11 children with 10 mothers. He got started in the baby business at 15 years of age. This show is supposed to air on the Oxygen Network. There are petitions out there trying to put the brakes on this train wreck. Where do I sign?
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