Dear Gwendolyn:
I am engaged to a lady who is beautiful and she knows it. Two weeks ago I received a call from the hospital. I was informed my lady friend had been hit by a car — and it was done purposely.
This is the problem: Other women are jealous of her because they don’t look good. In fact, most of her female co-workers are ugly. I don’t mean regular ugly but oogly-oogly ugly. This is what happened: According to my lady friend, she had encountered an argument with a stranger over a parking spot. Words were exchanged. When my lady friend started laughing and walked away, the stranger ran her car into her.
Everywhere my friend goes trouble follows. Well, I must say she carries the trouble with her. I want to marry her because 1) she’s pretty — and 2) I like a strong woman who can stand up to anyone, man or woman.—Robert
Dear Robert:
Man, you are a silly somebody. Being a trouble-maker does not show strength but only ignorance. I hate to be the one to inform you, but your lady friend is a tonta and you don’t follow far behind.
Let me tell you this: You cannot go through life mistreating people because you have what is called a pretty face. This time your call came from the hospital, but next time it may come from the city morgue. People don’t take mistreatment anymore. — They just don’t.
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