Yes, my Christmas decorations are still up and I’m still sending out New Year’s cards. I think it is safe to say Happy New Year until the end of January, so don’t be surprised if you get a New Year’s card in the mail from me.
As for the decorations I don’t like to feel pressured into taking them down, after all it took me a while to put them up and they are so pretty that I want to enjoy them as long as I can. I remember the year I left the decorations up until Valentine’s Day. After all it is your house so who cares if you keep them up a little longer than usual.
Here is a good tip for next year. If you have a strand of garland or lights that fit well in a certain place in your house such as the door or banister, label that strand so you know where to put it next year. Also if you find that you have a lot of decorations left over that you did not put up perhaps they should be donated or sold on eBay.  If you gave toys to your children or grandchildren this year, donate the toys they no longer have any interest in or the ones they have outgrown. By making room for their favorite toys they will spend more time using them. Clear out the clutter by clearing out some of the toys. This not only gives you more room to store toys but gives your child more room to play.
Speaking of clearing things out this is the best time to clear out that closet. Pick a day when you don’t have anything to do and do a try on marathon, if it doesn’t fit you must quit and get it out of the house. Have an in-house yard sale; you don’t have to wait until the spring for a garage sale. Fix some snacks and “over invite” just like you do when you have a jewelry party but in this case everything will be so affordable.
Here is a formula that I found for clothes that will put your wear of your expensive items into perspective. Just remember: price divided by how many times you wear it equals cost per wear (CPW). So your favorite $200 shoes can have a CPW that is less than bus fare. A pair of $100 jeans that you live in comes in at mere pennies. If you are holding on to something because you paid so much for it but you never wear it you are not getting your money’s worth. Either sell it or wear it.
And the final thing that you want to clear out are those toxic people in your life, the one’s that drive you crazy, the ones that suck you dry, the one’s that you have finally realized that you are their friend but they really aren’t yours. At the beginning of a new year start fresh, no need for resolutions just a little tweaking on your life will make a world of difference.
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