The year 2012 is over. The years are really going by fast, it looks like the older we get time goes by so quickly. At the end of every year it is typical that news organizations pay tribute to those who have passed away and we look at the major tragedies that occurred. I’d like to put a new spin on the year end and share what I learned or things that I discovered during the year.
The first on my list is the beauty of On this site you can purchase certificates for restaurants at really low prices, the majority of them don’t expire which is great; and buy a few as gifts or some to keep in your purse. These certificates allow you to try out new restaurants or let’s say ones you have not been to before. Always read the fine print before you buy, many times the coupons cannot be used on holidays or there is a minimum on what you have to spend.
The next site that I tried in 2012 is, this site allows you to buy prescription eye glasses at a huge discount. There are a lot of discount sites out there for eyeglasses, but this is the only one I have tried. Eyeglass frames are one of the biggest markup items on the market. How many times have you gone shopping for a new pair of glasses and the cost of the frames knocks you off of your feet? That has happened to me on so many occasions. A friend at work told me about this site. I had a very detailed copy of my prescription so I decided to give it a try. The site also offers you a way to “try on” the frames. You can upload a picture of yourself, of course you have to be looking straight ahead, and then you can click on the button that says try on. Or you can try them on a face that looks similar to yours.  There are all types of styles for men, women and children. It took about two weeks for the glasses to arrive and when they did they fit perfect and yes I was able to see out of them just fine. Wow! Now I can buy a pair of glasses to go with each outfit, this might become addictive.  By the way, the glasses I purchased were under $50 (total for frames and lenses) and I wear progressive lenses.
About two years ago, I bought an iPhone. The main purpose for this purchase was to have Pandora Radio. This phone can do so much more and I’m sure you already know this. But in case you don’t start downloading new apps. The one I really like is Fandango, this one allows me to look up movies and see when and where they are playing, and even see a trailer of the film right on my phone. How cool is that?  
This year I also began writing a weekly column called Fashion Watch. You can see this on the Friday edition of the New Pittsburgh Courier digital daily.
Have a happy New Year.
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