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Christmas has come and gone, left too many of us in debt and proved once again we have short memories. How fast we forget there was a period of time we identified with the motherland. We wore dashikis, used phrases of Swahili, Black was beautiful, etc. However, as you frequent the stores you saw our most precious possessions sitting on a Santa Claus’s lap and Santa did not look like President Obama. We bought baby dolls and they did not look like the first lady Michelle Obama.
There was a period of time I watched people buying toys and it was amazing how many guns were being bought, guns that look real, air guns and rifles, bb guns and the most modern guns, space guns. We could make a much better investment by acquiring more toys that would help our children’s mental capacity develop.
It is shocking how many of us decorate our yards with Santa and Mrs. Claus and they look just like the snowman. One of the most shocking aspects is the fact that we spend untold sums of money during Christmas and fail to give the credit to a person, real or fictitious that looks like us.
Yes, Christmas is over.
Too many Blacks have a love relationship with the Pittsburgh Steelers that exceeds their concern about going to school to inquire about their sons and daughters. They miss church or leave early, spend tremendous money on black and gold leather jackets, know all of the players but don’t know who their state senator is. I personally know two football fans, who take time to attend the games, but won’t take time to visit their grandparents in a nursing home. Some folks get into physical confrontations about the football games and lose friendship about a team they have never seen except on television.
There was a story in the local newspaper that a football fan would not go with his wife to take their daughter to the hospital because the football game was more important. The Steelers lost last Sunday and I stopped by a restaurant and the gloom was so thick that you would have thought a family member had died.
My friends and I were introduced to professional football in 1948 and over ensuing years we would travel to Cleveland, Philadelphia, Detroit, Chicago, New York City and Buffalo, N.Y. However we grew older, more mature, family oriented and race conscientious, football was no longer an overwhelming part of our lives.
Yes, 2012 Pittsburgh Steelers season is over. Let us commit ourselves in 2013 to improving the qualities of life to the those you see in the mirror, and make Santa and the Steelers take second place in our lives.
Please remember Kingsley Association needs your assistance in the upcoming year.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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