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The members of 3 Talented Girlz singing group want young girls of their generation to realize that they have everything they need to succeed in life.

“We want 12 and 14 year olds to know that you can be whatever you want and that they need to conduct themselves as ladies and that they don’t need a man or a boy to make themselves feel better,” said Bryce Ari Chisom one of the singers in the group.

In addition to Bryce Ari Chisom, a 12-year-old North Side resident who is a seventh grader at Pittsburgh Obama Academy, 3 Talented Girlz also includes Bryce’s sister, Amani, a 14-year-old ninth grader at Pittsburgh Obama and 12 year-old Summer Love Helvy who is a seventh grader at Schiller School.

The girls came together while at summer camp in 2012 and decided to join forces with their singing, rapping, dancing and writing their own music. The group has been together since August 2012.

They have several songs including, “Skool Dayz” and “Growing Up”, receiving airplay.

“There aren’t that many girl groups out now. We relate to the girl groups that are out there, but we have our own style. We are very unique, talented young Black women,” said Summer Love Helvy, the rapper of the group.

The group recently became the grand winners in WAMO 100’s Local Love Talent Showcase at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture. As the winners of the contest, the girls were given many opportunities, one of which was a local AT&T radio commercial. From there, the girls competed against 38 other acts in a contest in Cleveland and scored a distribution deal with Sony Records.

The deal will help fund 3 Talented Girlz’ videos, help distribute their music and hopefully lead to a record deal with Sony.

“I didn’t think we would get this far this fast. I thought it would take a few years,” said group member Amani Chisom.

Their managers, Michelle Townsend and Ruby Helvy knew magic had occurred when they first heard the girls sing.

“We are so proud of them,” said Ruby Helvy, mother of Summer Love. “These girls are very talented as a group and individually.”

Townsend and Helvy created NVR Style Entertainment in 2011. The North Side-based studio has 3 Talented Girlz and the male rap group, All About Business.

“From being around them we learned a lot about the music business and how to record and how to appeal to different audiences,” said Bryce Ari.

All of the girls parents see their daughters’ potential and are working hard to make their dreams a reality.

Audra Chisom, mother of Bryce Ari and Amani, runs errands and handles anything needed for 3 Talented Girlz.

“We realize this is a dream the girls have and we do things for the group all of the time,” Helvy said.

2013 will find the group making videos, finishing a mixtape, making more music and performing throughout the Pittsburgh area, Ohio, the District of Columbia and possibly Atlanta.

“Girls are talented and beautiful and they can do anything they set their minds to. They just need to stay inspired,” Amani said.

(For more information on 3 Talented Girlz, like them on Facebook at 3TG Three Talented Girlz.)

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