It’s Christmas time again which means it should be a time of joy, a time of giving and a time of reflections on the New Year and just what Christ-mas and Christianity really mean.
There are two directions people go during the Christmas season. Some go out and spend themselves into so much debt that it takes them the entire year to get caught back up; then they go out and do it all over again.

Then there are those that believe Christmas is a waste of time and only for the greedy and we would be much better off without it. But I say we should control Christmas and not let it control us. Just think where our economy would be without Christmas. And how many people have jobs because of Christmas.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God. For you see if Christ had not been born in the flesh, He could not have died for our sins. But just as importantly He could not have preached and taught us how to live. There would have never been a New Testament.

In the Gospel Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Jesus teaches us how to live. And in the book of Acts the disciples teach us how to live by implementing what Jesus taught them.

One of the biggest problems with most Christians is that we are so caught up in Jesus’ death that we forget that Jesus was also sent here to give man a last chance, and that last chance wasn’t just dying on the cross but to teach us how to live during the few years He was here on earth in the flesh.

The entire Bible is important, but anyone who wants to understand what Christianity is all about must read the four Gospel Books and Acts. This gives us the true teachings directly from Jesus who lays the foundation for our lives and Christianity. The rest of the Bible is the complete finished building.

There’s a lot of debate every year as to when Jesus was actually born. The important thing is why he was born in the flesh not when. The fact that he was born into flesh is what the celebration is all about. Not the date, which is really unimportant, because just like nobody knows when He’s coming back, nobody knows when He was actually born in the flesh.

True love is giving, sacrifice and caring, which I still believe is in the hearts of most people. Christmas is about how Jesus gave his life on earth to save mankind. I use the term born in the flesh because he already existed in Spirit. He was with his father God, and the Holy Spirit when they created the heavens and the earth. Because He so loved man, He volunteered to give his life to save us.

Yet man has created such a mess here on earth that one wonders why He could possibly love us so much to give his life, and why God gave man free will in the first place? But the answer is because He loves us, and wants us to love Him back by doing His will.

You ask, how do we know what His will is? Well He tells us clear as day in the New Testament, Gospel Books Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

It’s a shame that the vast majority of people calling ourselves Christians haven’t read any of these Books, let alone all four, and this is why so many so called Christians are doing the exact opposite of what Jesus Christ taught us to do.

So after you’ve celebrated Christmas instead of going back to normal take a little time aside and start reading the word of God. Make it a New Year’s resolution. But please don’t start from the beginning. Genesis is great, but it tells you really nothing about Jesus Christ and what Christianity is all about. Get your foundation first. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, which I repeat, just as these Books repeat, is the word of God from Jesus. Then the Book of Acts tells you how to apply the Word.

Once we read and understand, and it may take two to three readings to understand, then we can better handle the problems of the world around us.

Oh, by the way, please not the King James Version. Try the NIV, New King James Version, or the New Revised Standard Version. They are much easier reading than the King James Version, which was like reading another language for me.

Once you read and understand the Gospel Books, Christmas will become even more enjoyable. And you will care less about the date argument. Because you will know Jesus Christ is real. And He’s alive.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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