Some years ago J.T. and a local talk show host were having a heated dialogue about local problems. J.T. stated that Black people spend the majority of their time discussing White folks and asked the host how much time do White people spend discussing Black people? The answer was instant and brief, “none.” In my estimation there was some element of truth in both responses.


It has been my experience that Black people spend an extraordinary amount of time discussing too many other people and too many relatively unimportant issues. We must cease constantly reflecting on what THEY won’t let us do. Just think about how often you have heard it; the tragedy is that too frequently it became an integral part of our lives. It stunts our growth, stops us from perceiving ourselves as free and not second-class citizens. We should never use that dreadful word “can’t” in our vocabulary or life. Too many of us spend an overwhelming amount of time discussing slavery, discrimination, racism and bigotry instead of formulating methods to overcome those temporary roadblocks.

Have you ever heard Black persons say, “It has always been like this and it will never change?” I have. In fact, I have witnessed numerous Black individuals obtain positions of employment that others made it happen, and they turn their backs on Blacks. Yes they are moving on up.

Blacks spend too much energy criticizing the Republican Party. I hear and read that all Republicans are rich and racist and they give the Democrats a free pass, when I see very little difference.

If we are going to participate in politics then we need to understand politics and demand respect from both sides and cease giving our votes away. For example if the Democratic Party is the savior for Black people then explain why cities that have been Democratic controlled for 75 years like Chicago, Detroit and Pittsburgh why Blacks are in the condition we are.

Let us analyze the conditions in just these three cities. There is lack of business opportunities, educational problems, record high unemployment, drugs, and shootings. There are those who will say Blacks are doing 10 times better in other cities, but that is not true. The percentage of Blacks in trouble in these cities is the same.

Why do both political parties disrespect us? It is because Democrats believe we will vote for them regardless and Republicans say Blacks will vote Democrat regardless. If we as a people are going to save the future generations then we must change these acts of negativism and lack of self-respect. We must replace can’t with can, won’t with will, impossible with possible, those youth with our youth, them with us, and last but not least replace they won’t let us with they can’t stop us.

It is the Christmas season, please remember Kingsley Association.

(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum page.)

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