:10 May God bless the families of the dearly departed children, staff and teachers whose lives were tragically stolen by a crazed man!

:09 If you don’t know by now, Wes Lyons (former Woodland Hills, WVU and Pittsburgh Steelers football star) has written his first novel, a best seller entitled “The Pursuit with Patience.” Pick it up at your local bookstore or go online to get it.


:08 You may have noticed that the Dallas Cowboys allowed Josh Brent (the drunk driver of the car that killed his best friend in a senseless accident) to be on the sidelines during the Steelers game. Even though the parents of Jerry Brown embraced Brent and asked the team to support him, I think it sends the wrong message given what we know. Brent should be off the market until after the trial.

:07 Let’s give “props” where they’re deserved. North Allegheny wins another state title, Clariton wins another state title, Aliquippa…Aliquippa…Aliquippa… Yo, Aliquippa, where ya at? Ok, ok, my bad. But I only hit ya’ll hard like that ’cause Kevin Cameron and Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker were talking smack at the Willie Stargell MVP Awards Banquet. Speaking of which, hey Quip, see what happens when you turn down an invitation to be special guests at the Willie Stargell “Nite of the Champions” ?!?

:06 For you NBA pretenders, aka “Pittsburgh Old Timers” all New York Knick Carmelo Anthony is telling you is what he’s been trying to say since he came into the league. Just give me the damn ball and I’ll give you “30” a game.

:05 Movie Review Time. You know you love it. You can’t wait for it. It makes your week, ya-da-ya-da-ya-da! Brad Pitt starring in “Killing Them Softly” did just that. It was, in fact, a slow agonizing death of a movie. And Hollywood, can you please tell me why you think killing people in slow motion makes a bad movie good? I give it two basketballs, and that’s only because he’s married to Angelina Jolie.

:04 There’s fast, there’s really fast, and then there’s Mike Wallace. And when the Steelers wide-out holds onto the ball…man that’s a beautiful thing.

:03 The Pitt basketball team beat Bethune Cookman College by 200 points or so. No. 1 “Cookman,” I ain’t mad at ya for taking the game. I know it was payday for you. No. 2 Pitt, I know you need the tune-up games. No. 3 Don’t either one of you ever, ever, ever, ever do this again. C’mon man!

:02 Get ready. It’s coming at ya next week. The brand new 2013 “Top 10” Finest Women on the Planet brought to you by three pretend experts, me, “E” Gaines and “S” Broadus. Oh yea, and the top “10 10” sports stories of the year (as if that’s important).

:01 “Overtime” and not a more fitting overtime to be had because this man would take you into “OT” and drop you off. By now you may have heard “The Magic Man” is gone. Last week the Great Leonard Allen Johnson Jr. died of a sudden and unexpected stroke at the age of 58. Of course you know him better as “Houn” aka “Houndini” the Basketball Magic Man. You know, now you see the ball…now you don’t!!! I’ll have a feature story coming to you on “Houndini” very soon, but what you need to know now is that no one and I mean no-body brought it to ya like Houn did. Look, if your nickname is “The Iceman” (aka Dwight Clay) or “Magic Mike” (aka Mike Williams) or for that matter “Black Magic” (aka Ricky Coleman)…you get my drift. If you’ve got a tag like that, it’s for a reason. “Houndini” would give it to you and then make it disappear. But hold up…wait a minute…he could handle with the best and never turn the ball over, shoot it anywhere, anytime, a “D” you up like you stole something and oh yes, HE – WOULD – DUNK – ON – YOU – MAN! Kenny Durrett, Giss, Armon, “Byrd,” Juice Walker, “Jeep”, aka “Heaven’s Hooper’s” ya’ll get ready, Houn’s coming and there’s gonna be a change in the line-up. You know “Houndini” ain’t coming off no bench! “Houndini” love ya, miss ya, you helped put the Connie Hawkins league on the map. One more thing…Bump Yes…Say it. “We love the funk, gotta have the funk!’’

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