Remember those What Would Jesus Do bracelets everyone was wearing in the 1990s? It was a huge movement that so many people were caught up in. WWJD was a reminder that people should reflect their love of Jesus in their actions.


I’d like to introduce a new phrase and why not create a bracelet, tee shirt and how about a baseball cap, WWYD? What Would You Do? I’m so tired of hearing people talk about what they would do in critical situations. In the past months there have been some very big “what would you do” issues. The first that everyone chimed in on was the very sad story at the Pittsburgh Zoo. By now we have all heard about the story where a mother took her small son to the zoo to see the animals. We don’t know if he asked to see better or since she knew his sight was impaired, she decided to try to lift him up so he could better see the African Painted Dogs. No matter what the situation was the outcome was tragic. The little boy fell into the pen and lost his life in seconds to the animals below.

I have heard so many people talking about what they would have done in this case. There have been talk shows devoted to what would you have done in this situation. It sounds like it happened so fast I really don’t think you could have reacted faster than the animals. Reportedly the mother was held back from trying to save her child. Anyone who tried to get in the pen would have been the second course. It is so easy to be that “Monday morning quarterback” and say WWYD if only you had been there.

The story that took place in New York is just as sad. A Black man argues with an Asian man at a subway stop and then pushes him into the path of an oncoming train. A photographer waiting for a train at the same platform; was on his way to do a follow-up story on the homeless man who received the boots from the police officer. When he sees the man in the path of the train he starts to take pictures, he says he was just flashing the camera trying to alert the driver of the train to stop.

I’m not sure I’m buying this version, as a photographer I think I may have thought wow this is the better story let’s get the picture. He is now being questioned as to why he did not help the victim who was killed by the subway train. He says he wasn’t close enough, besides the man who pushed the other man was now coming his way. I’m sure he thought he may be the next victim, perhaps some of the people with cell phones also taking pictures will save him. Because he free-lanced for the New York Post and got paid for the photograph he is taking all the heat. When it comes to WWYD in this case, he should have taken the picture of the person who pushed the man and that is picture the Post should have run.

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