:10 Yep you missed it alright, one of the greatest Willie Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Awards Banquets of all time. The great…The legendary Michael Moore…not one, not two, but three time heavyweight champion of the world…was there. Then you add to the mix former Pittsburgh Steeler Wes Lyons, Coach Terry Smith, Kevin Cameron, “Ms. Rita,” Coach Harvey Smith, Donna Bey, Ulish Carter, Rayco Sanders, Eric Gaines, Jacquet Bazemore, on and on and on. Man, the night of the champions hits another home run!


:09 Speaking of Terry Smith, and I was, let’s revisit this cause. You know how ya’ll like to forget stuff. Yes you do! So let’s be reminded top ten style: 1. Gateway “superstar” athlete, part of one of Western Pa.’s greatest high school football teams. 2. Star football player at Penn State…not “Wha-cha-ma-call-it” university! 3. Played for Joe Paterno mmmaaannn! 4. NFL pro level talent. 5. Highly successful coach at Gateway, maybe the best of all time. 6. Accomplished and successful athletic director. 7. Well loved by his players—more than 100 sent on to college football teams. 8. No incidents, no trouble, no problems in the school system. 9. Mentor, role model, teacher, coach, son, father, husband, brother and great guy! 10. Nationally recognized and respected by his peers. Now one more time…can somebody tell me again why “they’re” trying to take this man’s job instead of building a statue outside the athletic building. I’m just askin’!?!?

:08 If you had seen Eric Gaines last Sunday night, you would know and understand why he’s the president of “One Fashion Place.”

:07 Now look, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Javon Belcher shoots his girlfriend and then kills himself. Call it what you want, but that’s a sickness. If it was normal, people would be doing it every day, but a grown man (Dallas Cowboys defensive end Josh Brent) gets in the car with another grown man (Dallas Cowboys defensive back Jerry Brown) and you’re both drunk and going over 100 miles per hour…well…that’s just stupid!!! The NFL has an 800 number you can call anywhere or anytime and they will come get you. C’mon man!

:06 It’s back on! President Fred Crawford has the Heat, I got the Lakers winning the West and beating the Heat in seven. Take – it – to – the bank!!! As a matter of fact I will…take Fred’s $50 to the bank.

:05 If you missed Yolanda Barber’s standing ovation performance at the MVP’s last Sunday night, then don’t miss her at D’Imperio’s Restaurant in Monroeville, Wednesday, Dec. 19 (very limited bar & lounge seating) and for you new Monroeville homeowners, by way of Homewood and the Hill, you gotta eat and drink something. I mean you gotta spend some money! I am just sayin’! Stop pretending, ya’ll know I’m telling the truth…you know the same people I know!

:04 Just relax. Take a deep breath. Take it easy. Your Pittsburgh Steelers will still make the playoffs. Trust me on this. Even if they lose to the Cowboys, all they have to do is beat Cincinnati and Cleveland and they’re in. I got this.

:03 Pitt’s hoop team is for real and getting better by the game. Great guard play from Travon Woodall and James Robinson, and the new seen footer Steven Adams is legit. Matter of fact, he may be gone in a year, two maybe. He’s good, not great, but remember, you can’t teach height!

:02 “Pac-Man” you got knocked the xxxx out!!! (Reference “DeeBo” in the movie “Friday”).

:01 If you’re not going to throw to Plaxico Burris, why bring him in? C’mon Mike! (Coach Mike Tomlin be careful man. “They” will get rid of you in a heartbeat. If “they’ll” send Franco packin’, “they’ll” send anybody packin’!

:00 The Champions/United Rays Corvette Club/and “Q” Productions Annual Holiday Christmas party is on, Friday, Dec. 21–the Churchill Valley Country Club on 800 Beulah Rd.–7 p.m.–1 a.m.–Line dancers kick it early from 7-8 p.m., featuring the battle of the old school D.J.’s Rich “The Legend” McCord vs. Nate “The Phat” Barber. “We’ll see who Brings the Funk”-$10 donation benefits Toys for Tots Christmas party for disadvantaged youth-$5 at the door if you bring an unwrapped toy–Hot, hot, hot fashion review–cash bar–cash kitchen–free parking–dress to impress–prize to the best dressed red couple. For more information, call the Champions at 412-628-4856–Q Productions at 412-628-7947 or the Vette Club at 412-287-8610.


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