:10 The Clairton Bears, “60 in a row and still counting,” now both a state and national record and who knows if or when it may ever come to a stop. It’s not just the on-the-field achievements, but do you understand the desire, determination and dedication it takes off the field to put yourself in position to accomplish that feat? Simply un-be-lieve-able!!


:09 Equally amazing is Aliquippa’s record 15th WPIAL football championship. The fact that Aliquippa is a Class A school that plays up to AA classification makes that feat just as un-be-lieve-able. The only thing left to do, you know it and I know it, is for Clairton and Aliquippa to settle the score. Who is…The King Round Here?!?! Let’s get it on!!!

:08 Alright, LeBron, your most recent commercial has won me over and brought me to the dark side. It shows you with your kids doing what all fathers should do. Especially Black fathers. And the final part when you go old school barber shop, that’s our history. But the real icing on the cake is the “Keep on Pushing” background music by the legend that is Curtis Mayfield. That said, Go Lakers!

:07 Yeah, nothing changes that. I still got the Lakers winning the West and here’s why:

1. You slowly, but surely, see this team coming together. The soup is starting to simmer! 2. The party really starts when Steve Nash returns. I mean he is a two time NBA MVP. 3. You just saw that San Antonio is old and tired. Who ever, ever, ever heard of sending players home to rest. C’mon Man! 4. Ok, I have no answer for Pau Gasol and Dwight Howard. Too big. Too strong. 5. And most importantly, the NBA wants a Kobe/LeBron match up badder than General Petraeus wants to be sent back to Afghanistan…badder than Halle Berry wants a normal good man in her life…badder than anyone of the 50-year-old guys at Savoy wishes and hopes one of the super hot Savoy girls says yes to them just once (not me, not me, not me!) Okay, that’s enough. You get it!

:06 Yeah, you knew it was coming… General Petraeus, I don’t necessarily agree with what you did, but after seeing pictures of your wife…I – can – understand – it!!! (I’m just sayin!)

:05 Coach Bill O’Brien has to stay at Penn State. Unexpected good season notwithstanding, he can’t expect the players to stay after what the school’s been through and then he leaves. Good job coach.

:04 One more thing about street hoop player “Preacher”…not only do I not know his real name…man, I never heard him preach!…huh?

:03 When the day comes that a really weak 6-6 record gets you into a bowl game, that clearly tells ya that’s too many bowl games. That said, a Pitt vs. WVU match-up in the newly created “Pin-Stripe Bowl” would be interesting and good for both schools.

:02 Okay, see what happened was… Halle Berry’s baby daddy came to her crib unannounced for Thanksgiving, but he didn’t get a turkey leg, he got an old fashion butt whipping by Halle’s new, high school boyfriend… ya’ll know how I feel about her. I love her mmmaaannn, and she’ll love me someday and…what? Okay, my bad! Anyway, that’s what happened, now shut-up about it!

:01 At-The-Buzzer, hheerree we go!

•Dec. 8—the Pittsburgh United Rays Corvette Club Holiday party at 3 Lakes Golf Club, 6700 Saltsburg Rd., Penn Hills, 9 p.m. to midnight – free – 30 and over – cash bar – free parking – Rich McCord, the D.J. – Please bring a toy!

•Dec. 9—“Nite of the Champions”, the 37th Annual Willie “Pops” Stargell Pittsburgh/Allegheny County MVP Awards Banquet honoring former world heavyweight boxing champion, Michael Moorer, Coach Terry Smith, Coach Harvey Smith, former Pittsburgh Steeler Wes Lyons, Kevin Howard, Calvin Clinton and others, with special guest Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker. For more information, call The Champions at 412-628-4856. Only 48 seats remaining!

•Dec. 21—Champion Enterprises “Q” Productions and the Pittsburgh United Rays Corvette Club present the annual Christmas “Red” Party at the historic and magnificent Churchill Country Club, 7 p.m. until 1 a.m. — free parking – cash bar—cash kitchen and the Battle of the Old School D.J.’s…let’s see who brings the funk!!! – Prize for the best dressed red couple—a hot red fashion review—photos on the spot by “Bob the Photographer”—50/50—line dancing and we’re going to par-tay till we drop. Tickets only $10, benefit Champions Toys for Tots program (bring a toy and get $5 off at the door). Call 412-628-4856 for information. This is gonna be the par-tay of the year…back up Vince, Debbie and Buddy…it’s on!!!

:00 Hold up, wait a minute, it’s Overtime …that’s why I call it that for you below average South Vo-Tech graduates…oh that’s cold! Anyway, to my main man “Buggy” yet another North Side b-baller that played at the level of the city’s all time greats. At just about 6’0”, he stood tall among the best, but not only a complete player that could handle the rock, shake and bake, shoot the ball and “D” you up, but “Buggy” had “Sonny Lewis,” Myron Brown, Jeep Kelly, Hops and would dunk-on-ya in a heartbeat. Hey, Buggy you’re now in the locker room and you deserve it. But let me tell you this and don’t you forget it, young blood…the greatest guard from the North Side is Lenard “Houndini”, Johnson and that’s all there is to it. (For real for real, the best there ever was Larry “Byrd” Richardson, but don’t tell “Houn” I said so!)

:00 Now you got Double Overtime. Charlie Batch. I was wrong. You are once again the man. Here we go Steelers . . . Here we go!!!

:00 This is rare, but it does happen and only when it’s most important. The shocking news out of the Kansas City Chiefs’ camp is tragic and unfortunate for a thousand different reasons. We’ll talk more when we know more.


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