(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

My son’s ex-girlfriend has treated him badly. This is the problem: While asleep one night, she checked his text messages. To her discovery, there was a text from a woman stating she enjoyed his company, and hoped she and my son could get it on.


In a fury, the next day she called his job and said he stole some equipment he was transporting to another state. The company fired him and did not give my son a chance to explain he and his girlfriend were going through a break-up.

She did not tell the truth. Two days after getting fired, my son’s ex-girlfriend’s mother had him arrested. Her complaint was that he had called her house threatening her daughter and herself. My son spent a total of six months in jail. He had two offenses—the stealing and the harassment. My son is 32 and was living with his girlfriend.

Gwendolyn, how can my son possibly want this woman back in his life? I can’t understand it.—Rachel

Dear Rachel:

I can. Before I give attention to your son, let me tell you what I cannot understand: What is wrong with all the men? Why are so many men living with women? Can’t they find their own apartment? It is disgusting—totally disgusting.

Your son allowed his ex-girlfriend to mistreat him because he showed weakness. If he had his own place, then his home telephone, his cell phone and every corner of his apartment or house would be his own domain—down to the opening of his front door. Your son seriously needs to stay away from his ex- and her mother. I know you are quite worried because it seems trouble is in the air.

Rachel, think about it. Your son is hurting from a broken heart. Tell him to “snap out of it.” Women suffer broken hearts—every day.

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