I had the utmost love and respect for my father, Mr. Milton Kendrick Sr. It has always been my most fervent hope that my children and doubly hopeful that my grandchildren would feel at least half that way about me.


Some of you may know that on my birthday Nov. 26 all of my family came home. My three daughters and my two grandchildren sent me basically the same birthday card. They read, “Because you instilled in us that we were never second-class citizens, there was nothing that we could not achieve, ‘can’t’ was never in our vocabulary, we were born free and no mountain too high to climb.”

As I read the cards tears came into my eyes, it reminded me of my father’s voice and he was dead before any of them were born. The story of our generation and the sacrifices made by our parents, grandparents, and single parents can be repeated millions of times across this nation, and I sincerely believe that the times we are living in more than ever require us to go back to basics. Teachers educating with love, preachers being reborn and becoming men and women of God, parents becoming mothers and fathers, cease telling our sons and daughters what THEY will not allow them to do, instilling in our sons a sense of responsibility for themselves and their children, and males must become MEN.

I become so angry as I attend meetings and how often the remark is made “Blacks can’t do it.” It is unbelievable the excuses not reasons that we come up with not to become involved in real change that will help shape the lives of ourselves, family and neighbors. Why does the need exist for us to always seek out persons outside of Allegheny County to thank, instead of giving recognition to deserving local Black men and women? It was easy to be enthused for Obama, but we must understand the overwhelming importance of local government because we have allowed ourselves to be lulled to sleep. Allegheny County police and the Pittsburgh Police have failed to hire any Black officers and that is just one of the problems we face. Why are our individuals we elected so silent? There are a multitude of issues that I will address in Jan. 2013. I am greatly upset with those that we have elected, because every statement out of their mouths is bricks and mortar when it is most imperative that the restructuring of our families must become our top priority. There is a tremendous job ahead of us but these same politicians must understand that their obligation is not to exercise their will on the people, but rather exercise the will of the people.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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