Black America has major problems, but this week’s column will focus on those of us who reside in Allegheny County.


Too many lack CONCERN and have adopted the attitude when addressing problems that may not directly affect them or their families by constantly referring to the problems of other people, as “those people,” “those youngsters,” “they are lazy,” “they want something for nothing” or “they deserve to be arrested.” There is absolutely no CONCERN for the plight of their brothers or sisters.

There are those who fail to understand how they obtained the opportunity to attend college, obtain a job, bought a house in almost any neighborhood, and get a business loan. However I can explain it to them. It came about because there were many other individuals who had CONCERN and they made a difference.

There is another segment of people who constantly complain, find fault, criticize, and in their mind they are extremely knowledgable, but they never step forward to correct the problems. There can be 20 people that will discuss, complain and grumble about the existing conditions in the workplace, but 16 or more will not step forward. It takes a deep sense of COMMITMENT to step to the plate and attempt to address the problems.

And though there are those who have the courage to at least speak up about injustices, too many still lack the courage to pursue the ultimate solutions. If we are going to resolve the problems of inadequate education, violence, lack of fathers, no Black political leadership, revitalizing the NAACP, reinvigorating religious leadership, emphasizing local politics to the extent we do national politics, and officers in the church confusing the preacher with God, we must cease saying, “what we can’t do,” and become active in our local community. We must commit ourselves to cease using “THOSE” and replace it with “WE”.

The problems that threaten the survival of our families and communities can be resolved by adhering to these words: CONCERN, COMMITMENT and COURAGEOUS.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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