:10 Hello Smitty’s Bar and Grill…“You stab-em, we’ll slab-em!” Who? Yeah, he’s still here. Matter of fact, he’s been here every night since the election results came in and he’s getting on everybody’s nerves! Wait a minute. Hold on. Hey Mitt…Mitt…hey loser, oh my bad Gov. Romney, your wife is on the phone again. Which one? I don’t know man. Just get on the phone. No, I can’t. I just can’t, but tell her to tell all the Mormons that I’m getting down with the other 47 percent and I don’t know if I am ever coming back!! Matter of fact, this 47 percent side of town is all-right…I got a free cell phone, this card to buy food with and Temeka and Kisha are takin’ real good care of me…know what I am sayin?!?!


:09 The evidence that just because you’re rich and powerful doesn’t mean you know it all was shown by the Republican party, General Petraeus, Halle Berry and the high school student she’s now dating…(that’s another story). But now Mike Tomlin joins the list.

No. 1 If your quarterback goes down, bring in the guy that won six out of seven for you not the guy that hasn’t played since the Civil War.

No. 2 If the other guy is hurt and can’t throw the ball, then run it.

No. 3 If you’re going to run it, go with Dwyer…the guy who gave you two 100 yard games back to back. C’mon Mike!!

:08 Oh, you just want to forget about PREACHER huh? 6’4” – – – 250 lbs. – – – can’t move him off the block to save your life – – – can shoot the 10-15 footer no problem – – – and tough. Always found a way to get it done against anybody. Ya’ll know who I’m talking about. If you played streetball in the Burgh, you know PREACHER! What?…I don’t know his real name. I’ve known him 40 years and don’t know his real name, but I know this, he’s still playing!

:07 Why not Bernie Beckerstaff? He’s got the Lakers 4 and 1.

:06 Message to all teams. If you don’t want someone to run the score up on you…Stop them!

:05 Just shut-up and take this movie review. “Skyfall” is the worst James Bond movie of all time and Daniel Craig is the worst James Bond of all time. And Hollywood, will you please stop having people fight on top of moving trains. IT – CAN – NOT – BE –DONE! I give it one basketball and that’s only because I respect Sean Connery.

:04 The Pitt basketball team is for real. Don’t let the game last week against Oakland fool ya. They just took a light team light. And the new 7-footer, Adams is two years and out. Take it to the bank!

:03 Still no hockey…Man, I miss it! Yes, I do. Yes, I do. Ok, I don’t, but Mike out at the Monroeville Kinkos does.

:02 Here’s the list you’ve been waiting for. The 2012 Willie “Pops” Stargell MVP awardees: Michael Moorer (former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Coach Terry Smith, Coach Harvey Smith, Warren Wilson, Jr., Donna Baxter, Donna Bey, Gloria Schifino, Eric Gaines, Ulish Carter, Heath Bailey, Calvin Clinton, Coach “Gary” InGelieo, Kevin Howard, Buddy Allie, Annie Carter, Peter Vula, Octavia Griswold, Kalia Rose, Akil Young, and more to come. And featuring NBC singing star from The Voice Yolanda Barber, former Ms. Pittsburgh Chanel Smith, Karate Grand Master Jacquest Bazemore, Pittsburgh Steeler Wes Lyons and the Fabulous Allure Models. This will truly be “The Nite of the Champions!”

:01 If you don’t know by now, former Woodland Hills, West Virginia and Pittsburgh Steelers football star, Wes Lyons will release his first book on Nov. 27 entitled “The Pursuit With Patience.” For more information, go to wesleylyons.com and order it now mmmaaannn!!!


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