What makes a person tell their deepest darkest secrets that involve other people? Could it be a person scorned? You know that saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” that could also apply to a man scorned.


I was thinking about the recent news stories; the General Petraeus mess wasn’t such a big deal to me. People have affairs all of the time, but when the person is a high level government official who has access to big United States secrets I guess it is serious. The General’s story sounds so messy, I think the only person that should be concerned is his wife and we haven’t heard anything from her.

What about the creator of Elmo, Kevin Clash? Kevin what were you thinking? When you are a high profile person, even one in a furry costume, you can’t get careless, no matter how much you might want that young man in your life. Now you will be known as the man who plays Elmo who has sex with men. Now you know this is not good for your image with the kids. They are going to see Elmo in a whole new light if they get to see you at all. Remember the parents are the ones with the money supporting those Elmo purchases.

Kevin Clash was placed on leave from Sesame Street when the allegations of having sex with an under aged male surfaced. Now the unnamed individual has spoken through his attorney and said what he said at first was not true, he just made it up. They were both consenting adults; reportedly he is an aspiring model. So what happens with Clash? Does he go back to work and act like nothing happened? What if Sesame Street doesn’t want him back now that he is out of the closet for real? If that is the case he might end up suing Sesame Street and the young man who started this whole thing.

Don’t you wonder what was the motive in the first place for bringing out this story, was it to embarrass, extract money or was he recently kicked to the curb for someone younger and prettier? The Muppeteer, who has been the voice and personality behind Elmo for the last 28 years, reiterated on Monday that he is walking away from his signature role to clear up the damage caused by the scandal. “I am taking a break from Sesame Workshop to deal with this false and defamatory allegation,” he said. What a shame.

This was not a case of loose lips, but why did that lady use the sidewalk to pass the school bus? What was the big hurry and wasn’t she talking on her cell phone when she passed the bus? Her punishment was to stand outside with a sign that stated she was an idiot. She sure was. As much as I can’t stand being behind a school bus, I would never pass one when the lights are blinking and the stop sign is in clear view. The idiot lady posted a written statement that sums up this column: “if you make poor or bad choices you have to suffer the consequences.”

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