(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:

I have been married for one year. We met online and after corresponding via the Internet, we met in person. After meeting her I was impressed and she was impressed with me. We married and she moved into my apartment. We immediately started shopping around for a house.


This is the problem: After only three months into our marriage, she left me. I had no idea she was unhappy. I came home from work and she had left me a note explaining she made a mistake. The people on my job were giving us a huge wedding party at the office. I had to let them know to cancel the party. My wife was gone.

Although I know this is bad, but I want her back. How can I convince her to think about our marriage and return?—Andrew

Dear Andrew:

Why would you want her to return? Man, you are going to have to experience the hurt that most people go through at least once in their lifetime. The way you feel about her may never change, but you do not need to spend another day in this marriage. The years move swiftly and too often people in love are never able to realize their mistake until they are old, broke down, confused in the head, bones hurting, hearing bad, and heart remains the same—love struck but beats a little slower.

Robert, meeting online is not good no matter how many wonderful stories you hear. Usually, whatever a person online tells you, he/she are not telling you the truth. Most online is nothing but lonely people meeting lonely people. Therefore, face up to the realization that even if she later realizes she made a mistake by leaving, you are making a mistake—in wanting her back.

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