:10 Wait…Wait…Wait… Just wait a minute, wait a minute man. Will you please just hold on a minute and let me get this straight! I’m trying to get a real good understanding here. You mean to tell me that General David Petraeus, the same guy that won the wars in the Middle East…the same guy that’s the head of the CIA…that guy was busted having an affair with another woman. WILL—YOU—PLEASE—TELL—ME—HOW—THE —HEAD—OF—THE—CIA—CAN’T– KEEP—HIS—AFFAIR—A—SECRET!?!? The CIA is in the keep a secret business. I mean, that’s what they do. No wonder we can’t rule the world. C’mon man!


:09 President Obama…“You shook up the world again.” …You’re a bad man! Now, rumble young man rumble.

:08 Alright, alright, here is some sports stuff (you know, some of you can get on a brother’s nerves…I know, it’s a sports column!) At The Buzzer hhheeerrreee we go!

•Pitt football team you take undefeated Notre Dame to the wire in a game you should have won by ten and then you go up to Connecticut and lose to one of the worst teams in the nation…I got nothing!

•The real Steelers beat the real Giants. They will beat the Ravens twice and win the division. Take it to the bank.

•By now you’ve heard that famed boxing coach and commentator Emmanuel Steward died at the too young age of 68. A tragic loss to be sure.

•And yet Penn State rolls on!

•Hey “Bama”, what you gonna do now?

•No hockey…no worries mun.

•The Pirates end the season the same as the last twenty and the owner says there will be no changes in the front office…ok?

•The Pittsburgh Bullits, pro-basketball team, kicked off their season. Check them out when you get the chance. Call the Homewood YMCA for info.

:07 Oh, don’t worry, I didn’t forget. Here it is. I told the fellas at the gym Thursday night Mike Brown had to go. Friday morning, he was gone.

:06 City League football got through it and basketball season is here. Keep supporting City League athletics. The best is yet to come and our kids need us more now than ever.

:05 Speaking of City League sports…and I was, mark your calendar right now and tell all your senior high school basketball players, both boys and girls, the Champions High School All-Star Basketball Classic will return big time Saturday, April 6 and will showcase the best players in western Pa. This year’s program will also feature the presentation of the Warren Wilson Jr. High School/ college prep program to get high school players ready for the next level. Stay tuned for more information.

:04 Emmanuel Sanders, Steelers wide receiver, got hit with a $15,000 fine for faking an injury in the Giants game and the Steelers got tagged with a $35,000 fine of their own. Hey guys, money well spent!

:03 Movie Review Time. You love it, yes you do…yes, you do. If you’ve forgotten why Denzel is the man, just go see Flight and it will all come back to you. I give it three basketballs and do yourself a favor and punch up American Gangster and Hurricane when you get a minute and re-enjoy the other two movies he should have won an Oscar for.

:02 Ok, let me get this straight. I am busy trying to get Obama re-elected, Hurricane Sandy hits like a ton, we gotta get the Steelers in and out of New York, and my Lakers are 0 for 4 out the gate (including 8 straight pre-season losses) and Vince Neal and his retired Band of Gypsies over at some breakfast joint want to correct me on when his party was! (Band of Gypsies…Jimi Hendrix 1970). Hey Vinnie, you and the boys got too much old man time on your hands. What you really need to be worrying about is how you get your No. 1 party position back. And don’t be hatin’ the two top seeds now… remember, jealousy is one of the seven sins. Yep, you guessed it…c’mon man!

:01 Coming At Ya!

•On Nov. 24, Champion Enterprises will host the 37th Annual Rev. Duane A. Darkins Memorial Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner. If you want to help, call The Champions at 412-628-4856.

•The Pittsburgh United Rays Corvette Club will host their annual holiday party Dec. 1, at 3 Lakes Golf Club from 9 p.m. until ? For information, call 412-287-8610 or 412-559-8432.

•The 37th Annual Willie Stargell Pittsburgh MVP Awards Banquet coming up Dec. 9 at 3 Lakes Golf Club, 6-10 p.m., honoring Michael Moore, former World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Pittsburgh Steeler Wes Lyons and featuring national vocalist Yolanda Barber in concert. For information, call 412-628-4856.

•Toys for Champions Christmas Party and Toy Giveaway, Dec. 22 at the Penn Avenue Wilkinsburg McDonald’s, 12-6 p.m. Children must be present.

•Five Starr Corp. holiday “Red Par-Tay,” Dec. 2, Old School Par-Tay Style. Stay tuned.


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