November 6 was a wonderful day. I began my day on Facebook where Facebook friends encouraged each other to get out and vote with phrases like “let’s do it.” Throughout the day people displayed pictures of their ballot stubs proving that the deed was done.


If you voted early you probably encountered large crowds at your polling place. I got to mine right after 7 a.m. and this was one of the first times that I had to stand in a long line and wait. I didn’t mind waiting, I was on a mission. After casting my vote it was on to the Eat n’ Park for my free coffee. Yes I’m still on the free tip, if you took your voting stub to the restaurant they gave you a free coffee.

I went in to work feeling like I had made a difference, it seemed like the day went fast and I purposely didn’t come home until after 8 p.m. I watched the outcome of the election on television and interacted with my Facebook family online. Now that was fun, it was like watching a suspenseful movie full of twists and turns. In the beginning it didn’t look good, I was worried. It was kind of like watching a Steeler game, will Obama come up from behind and win this election? There were moments when there was a tie, that was scary and then he started moving forward. It was like a touchdown when he secured the home state of Romney, the crowd went wild and then when he brought home Pennsylvania you could hear the virtual cheer.

During the night other little tidbits started to come out, for instance Jesse Jackson Jr. won re-election to Illinois’ 2nd Congressional district by a landslide, beating his two opponents, Marcus Lewis and Brian Woodworth. Wow he didn’t even campaign, reportedly he is still in the Mayo Clinic.

Back to the big show, Obama pulls ahead of Romney, it is on and popping now and we reach the magic number of 270. The crowd goes wild. Voting does matter, Barack Obama will not become a one-term president despite the Republican Party’s mission to make him one.

I began to create a soundtrack for the night, I would have loved to be there to play the music. I would have started out with “Living in America” by James Brown and followed up with “This is How We Do it” by Montell Jordan. I downloaded both songs to my playlist on my phone so I can get inspired at any time of day.

November 7, was a beautiful day. I went to work (day job) inspired with my head held high. It was interesting to see the people who were not in the Obama camp in clusters whispering about how could “this” have happened. What was that about? In all other elections it has always been business as usual. It is just like a football game, if your team loses you don’t start hating on people.

I’m glad the election is over, it feels good to have four more years. “This is how we do it.”

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