I used to ignore Donald Trump. To me he was just a White man with a bad “comb over” (yes, that is his hair), a lot of money, several ex-wives and seems to like to hear himself talk. Now Trump is becoming disruptive.


This latest antic asking the president of the United States for his transcripts and passport is crazy. What’s wrong Trump? Are you bored? Nothing to do until “Apprentice All-Stars” begins? You are asking President Obama for papers like he is your run-a-way slave and you want to see his freedom papers.

As bigoted and prejudiced as this country is, don’t you know that the Obamas would have never been able to move into the White House if he was not a citizen? He couldn’t have even run for the office. I’d like to see him give you the papers and tell you where to shove them. If he ignores you Trump, as he should, you are going to make a big deal out of it. The birthers are going to go crazy and all the nuts will believe that he never attended college, was born in Kenya and smokes weed in the Oval Office. Trump, listen to Barbara Walters, she said you are making a fool out of yourself, she should have said a bigger fool and you need to “stop it.”

Give my butt a break I’m sick of this mess. Most of the time when I listen to radio I listen to KDKA. I can’t believe the things that I hear from the callers about our president, vile, mean and evil. It is very sad. Many of them are on the side of Trump and they want POTUS to stop his campaign and hand over the papers. On a recent David Letterman Show, Trump said he would up his $5 million offer and would write a check immediately if POTUS would just hand over those papers.

When this mess came up about the Trump offer I was preparing to write about people on television who are speaking English, but subtitles are needed to understand what they are saying. Can you say “Honey Boo Boo?” So many of the athletes that are asked to speak should say “no comment” because you can’t understand what in the world they are saying. I wonder if their mothers are embarrassed?

Also I wanted to write about the poor little girl that was shot in the shoulder because she was mistaken for a skunk. Jesus take the wheel, where are we going with these guns? First of all, if you do see a skunk, who runs to get a shotgun? I guess I just don’t understand. Reportedly it was dark and the little girl had on a black hat with a white feather or tassel. The 9-year-old girl is reported to be recovering in the hospital.

And then Trump sidetracked me from the man in the Hummer who shot and killed the man in the Shop ’n Save parking lot, then stood there and waited for police to arrive. A friend of mine on Facebook each day writes Pray Big, Pray Hard. To that I say, Amen.

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