(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn: My mother has been sick (bedridden) for five years now. My one and only brother never helps with bills and other needs of my mother. Last month when she received her disability check, he spent it all. You see Gwendolyn, she made him the Power-of-Attorney of her estate. At the time the transaction took place, there was no other court appearance needed.


My attorney tried to convict him but was told his crime is too minor, and there was no concrete evidence of anything being wrong. Two weeks ago, the electricity was turned off. I really can’t take any more abuse from my brother. My best girlfriend says he appears to be gay. Therefore, that would make him change.—Roberta

Dear Roberta: Gay, straight, or whatever does not entitle anyone to dismiss the responsibilities of caring for their mother. Stop! There should not be any apologies from you to him, but for him to apologize to your mother and to you. Survival is too difficult to be lazy and shiftless. I suggest you continue to do the best you can for your mother. Take caution how you try to have your mother taken out of her home. Don’t try to seek revenge. To do so will not help the situation. Make sure your mother is receiving the many additional assistance being provided. Since you live with your mother let her stay in her home as long as possible. To argue with your brother may not be worth risking the danger.

Roberta, let your top priority be considering your brother’s true identity. That is not down low, but low down.”

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