How many of you have seen a big bosomed woman put her money in her bra? In more recent years the bra has become the new cell phone holder.

I’m getting ready to tell you about one of those items that you will kick yourself about ten times when you realize you could have invented. A bra with a built in pocket, it is called the Joey Bra.


I first saw it on a site called The site alone is just as interesting as the Joey Bra. The site is like a version of the TV show The Shark Tank. You put your item (invention) on the site and people invest in it. Back to the pocketed bra, it sells for $19.99 and the pocket can be used for valuables like cash, a key or driver’s license. The inventors came up with the idea after going to the club and having nowhere to put their stuff.

I’m sure you are wondering about the name, me too; baby Kangaroos are called joey and we all know about the kangaroo pouch. The bra seems to have become fully funded on and now has its own site

Seems like they are a success, I just checked the site and they are sold out and waiting for a new shipment of sexy, comfortable Joey Bra’s.

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