Voting is the most important right we have. But for many strange reasons we as Black people don’t use it, yet we are in the front row of complainers.

Sure the vast majority of the time we have to vote for the lesser of two evils, but what do we have to lose in voting.


Well in the upcoming election the choice is clear who has the best interests of Black people at heart. And who’s going to work the hardest for the middle income and low income.

Yet because President Obama hasn’t solved all our problems, and worked a major miracle of completely turning this country around in just four years people are saying they aren’t going to vote for him. Many people are stating that they aren’t going to vote at all. Now if you truly feel Mitt Romney can do the job of pulling this country back on track then vote for him, but to not vote at all is insane.

This is a critical stage in this country, in which everyone and I mean everyone should stand up for what they believe, and you can’t do that if you don’t vote. How much effort does it take to vote? Most of us have a voting place within walking distance of our houses, and we all have access to either a car or the bus to get to the polls. And for those who don’t, all it takes is a phone call and someone will be there to pick you up to take you there.

This should be a record turnout for Black voters. Of the eligible voters it should be a 100 percent turnout or close to it. We have a Black President who has laid out some great plans, which would have had this country well onto recovery if the Republican Party had not set out to block everything he has proposed thus far. And I mean everything. Yet some of us are willing to let them win. And they will have won if Romney wins the election. If we don’t do our jobs. And that’s Vote.

Remember under Ronald Reagan the economy was solid for Whites but Black unemployment was at an all time high, even higher than it is today. Not until Clinton took office did Blacks start moving into the middle class in large numbers.

President Obama hasn’t done everything I would have liked him to do. I totally disagree with his bombing Libya to get rid of their leader, I also think he should have concentrated more on employment than health care in his first two years, but this is not enough for me not to vote for him. I remember.

I remember. I remember that George Bush and the Republican Party are the ones who got us in this mess in the first place and I have yet to hear where Romney will have any different policies than Bush. Everything the GOP has offered has been pretty much the same as they offered during the Bush administration. So why are we going back?

Why have so many of us forgotten the condition of the country when President Obama took office? Maybe instead of a Recession, they want us to go into the big one, the Depression. Then maybe the people in this country will wake up?

In an Associated Press article last week and there have been others who state that Black people are voting for President Obama only because he’s Black. My question to those people is, how many Black people do you think would vote for Clarence Thomas if he ran for president? He’s Blacker in skin color than Obama. Both his parents are Black, and grandparents. Yet if he ran, he probably wouldn’t get 5 percent of the Black vote. My understanding is that President Obama got over 90 percent of the Black vote, but didn’t President Bill Clinton get over 90 percent? I know some people called him the first Black president, but believe me, he is not Black nor was he.

Sure we as Black people are proud to have our first Black president, but we are prouder that he legitimately cares about all people, Blacks included. He’s not just talking about issues affecting Blacks, but issues affecting all people. And we all know that it may be another 50 to 100 years before another is voted into office, because there’s a large percentage, especially throughout the South and rural areas in the North and West who are voting against Obama because he’s Black, even though his programs will help them more than Romney, because most of these people are a long ways from being rich.

I’m proud to have been a part of putting the first Black person in the White House, and hope to be a part of keeping him there, through my vote. Join me. Vote for Obama.

(Ulish Carter is managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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