November 6 will be one of the most important dates in our lives and every Black person should be at the polls to re-elect the first Black president in U.S. history.

Not because he’s Black, but because he has the best interests of the African-American community at heart.

RE-ELECT OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF–After canceling his appearance at a morning campaign rally in Orlando, Fla., President Barack Obama walks into the White House in a driving rain after returning to Washington to monitor preparations for early response to Hurricane Sandy, Monday, Oct. 29. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

There’s a clear difference between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Obama is fighting for the middle-class, and low-income citizens, where the vast majority of Black people are, whereas Romney believes in the top down theory.

The Tea Party has vowed to take Obama down at all cost, and Romney is in full support of them. As part of this agenda the GOP led by the Tea Party has tried to block everything the president has proposed by voting against it.

Boosting the economy for the middle-class, which will lead to more jobs is Obama’s top priority. As proven in the Clinton administration, when the middle-class grows so do the minority communities. There were more Blacks and other minorities and women move into the middle-class than in any other time in history.

That doesn’t happen when the rich get richer.

Obama is working on getting more innovative, and creative new manufacturing jobs instead of the Romney method of buying up companies for profits then outsourcing the jobs.

Another reason we need to keep President Obama is the ending of the wars. He has ended the Iraq war and has promised to get our troops out of Afghanistan by 2014. Many of these young men and women in harm’s way are Black.

Romney hasn’t made any promises. He will increase military spending which will take funds from the social programs Blacks so desperately need and you don’t spend more on something unless you plan to use it.

One of those cuts most likely will be education, which would be devastating to the Black community. Obama understands the importance of education to the growth of this country and how every child should have access to it, K-12, college and trade schools, regardless of income, whereas Romney lives in a different world. He says students should borrow from their parents. That’s great if your parents are rich, but most middle-class parents simply don’t have it.

For the Black community to grow and prosper we need Obama in office helping move us forward, not going back to the old agendas which are proven failures; agendas which see Blacks, women and other minorities as collateral damage while the rich get richer.

So we are whole heartily endorsing President Barack Obama for a second term as president to get us out of this mess that he had nothing to do with getting us into, and the men who can help him move us forward in the 21st century instead of moving us back to the 20th century.

Some of the men who have supported him in the past and will support him in the future if re-elected are: Bob Casey for U.S. Senate, who’s running against a Tea Party candidate, Tom Smith.

For U.S. Congress we endorse: Mike Doyle, 14th district; and Mark Critz, 12th district. Both have proven support for the president.

For Pennsylvania Senate we endorse Matt Smith, because he cared enough to seek the Black vote by discussing his policies with the Courier; and Kathleen Kane for Attorney General because former President Clinton thought enough of her to actively campaign for her and that she will create some balance in a state ruled by a GOP governor, house and senate. Other state races that affect the Black communities are: Jake Wheatley, 19th district; and Ed Gainey, 23rd district. However, both are running without any opposition.

Please get out to vote because this election is critical to us all but especially for Blacks.

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