(NNPA)—It was a great moment when our military brought Osama Bin Laden to justice. President Obama had three opportunities before this to whack the leader of 9/11 but his advisers, including Vice President Joe Biden and Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett convinced him not to do it for the fear of failure. But leaders must dare to be great; caution should not be considered in daring, great action. So, on the fourth opportunity the president did what he was elected to do. He ignored these naysayers and gave our Navy Seals the green light. Justice was indeed served. That was good.

We killed Bin Laden in his retirement home. He had retired because he would be killed the moment he stuck his head out of hiding. He was at peace with a significant portion of his family and wives. He was protected by living next door to Pakistan’s military academy. Pakistan is supposed to be our ally but this proves they are not. Al Qaeda had reorganized into a new and sophisticated operation. As our White House began “spiking” the ball over this assassination, they wanted to send a message that not only was the founder of Al Qaeda dead but the organization died with him. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Actually, Al Qaeda has blossomed into a multi-division organization. They have as many divisions as Procter & Gamble or Johnson & Johnson. There is no centralized target to attack and destroy the organization. They have many names and the focus depends on the particular division. The common component is their communication flow and pro-Islamist position. They are committed to destroying everything that is not Sharia based law under the tenets of the Koran. Christians, Jews, Buddhists and everyone else is their enemy. It is a nutcase position but they are ready to die for it.

The Obama administration has decided to claim, because of the death of Bin Laden, that Al Qaeda is pretty much dead. That they are pretty much inept and not functional. They support this by just ignoring all that these divisions are doing around the world. The administration is betting on the possibility that they can convince the American public that anything happening by these cells is caused by some other reason. Things like the Arab Spring and occasional protests here and there.

But the sham came to light when one of the Al Qaeda divisions targeted our Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. He was stalked and marked for assassination. They even put it in their Facebook page. There were a couple of attempts on his life earlier and he pleaded with the State Department to provide more security but his pleas were not answered. It is so sad that when an ambassador of the United States has to plea for adequate protection in a “kill zone” such as Libya and he is ignored. More security would have meant recognition that Al Qaeda was still alive so they denied the justifiable request.

Then came the cover up. The administration began to lie to the American people. They claimed that the perpetrators of the murder of Ambassador Stevens and his three staffers plus six more wounded staffers were from street protestors upset about a You Tube video. Even the honorable UN Ambassador Susan Rice was ordered to go on television networks and lie to the American people. She should have resigned rather than play in this despicable cover up. She was very disappointing and it will stick to her forever.

Libya is probably home to the most Al Qaeda operatives in the world. They are very active right now in Mali which borders Libya. The insurgents here have overthrown the government and are well stocked with weapons from the former Libyan regime. Speaking of weapons, there are 10,000 to 20,000 anti-aircraft Stinger missiles in Libya that are unaccounted for. These weapons are being distributed around the world and my prayer is that our intelligence forces will seize them before they are deployed against our commercial aircraft.

It gets worse. Syria, which is on fire as you read this, has an expansive supply of chemical weapons. Al Qaeda has run into that nation to interfere in its current civil war. The weapons are their mission. If they get a hold of this supply we will see terrorist attacks via chemical warfare like never before. Our government needs to intercede and make sure this doesn’t happen. Instead, its head is in the sand. They stand by their ridiculous claim that Al Qaeda is no more.

Go to Somalia, Nigeria, Kenya, Indonesia, and the Philippines and on our border with Mexico. They are active with Al Qaeda divisions and they are coming at us. This administration can run but it cannot hide. Let’s deal with this terrorism before it bleeds us to death.

(Harry C. Alford is the co-founder, president/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: http://www.nationalbcc.org. Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.)

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