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I have often been described as an equal opportunity critic so I will open this column with some of the perpetual lies we tell on each other.

You have heard Black people say, “I will not allow a Black mechanic to work on my car, nor will I use a Black attorney because they are not competent.”


This Sunday in church a Christian brother said he “will not hire a Black contractor, because they never own the proper tools and don’t know how to bid.”

Overwhelmingly colored politicians who get elected will say to their White bosses, labor, or politicians that they “speak for the people in their district.” I take issue with that lie, because a minority of the people vote and they receive a majority of those votes, but they fail to address the concerns of the majority. These politicians confuse the issues more because instead of exercising the will of the people, they attempt to exercise their personal will on the people.

I know preachers who preach that God’s greatest commandment is love, but they don’t speak to each other. There are Black people in a position to help develop our neighborhoods, but they fail to insist that Irv Williams a Black developer be provided with an opportunity. Black politicians openly brag about their excellent relationship with the mayor, county exec, governor, etc. Then how do they explain that Blacks don’t get hired as police in the city, county or state? If the relationship is so meaningful why has it failed to provide Blacks and women with substantial contracts, construction, goods and services? And let’s not forget the lack of professional service contracts.

If you listen to talk shows, whether the host is White or Black you will hear lies from multiple callers, who tell the same lies their parents and grandparents told. Allow me list some.

For example, I appeared on Chris Moore’s program and White callers hung up on me. They stated people such as me want unqualified Blacks to receive opportunities and now that there is a Black president Blacks no longer can say they are being denied an equal opportunity. I have heard these same attitudes on talk shows and worse. A number of these like-minded people contend that Blacks have an astronomical unemployment rate because we by nature are lazy, we’d rather get a welfare check, section 8, food stamps, free telephone, and drug addiction is prevalent. These people with increasing regularity call and describe Blacks as having a criminal mentality. They state that Blacks make up 12 percent of the population of Allegheny County and 52 percent of the population of the Allegheny County Jail. When Blacks are charged with abuse, verbal or physical these callers in their prejudiced minds say the police are always right

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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