:10 SANDUSKY, will you please shut-up!! One or two people might lie on you, but not 40. Just shut up and take it the same way you gave it…say what!!


:09 You know the best guy in the whole wide world is my main man Dwayne Woodruff, aka “Da Judge,” but the second best guy in the whole wide world is Attorney Billy Goodrich.

I mean c’mon man, we started first grade together. Now I want you all to know that the third best guy in the whole wide world is Attorney Jack Goodrich. Not only that, he’s the best looking and best dressed of all three…just ask him and he’ll tell you. By now you’re wondering what these guys have to do with sports? Well, to be honest, nothing. But I guarantee you they all know why I call them the best guys in the whole wide world!

Yea Mon…I’m no fool. Hold up, wait a minute, did I almost forget to tell you that Dom Gambino is the fourth best guy in the whole wide world? Man, this could go on for a while.

:08 You want to complain about your Pittsburgh Steelers being 2-3. Do you know that New England is 3-3 and Green Bay is 3-3 and the Jets are 3-3 and the Giants are 3-3 and the self-anointed Eagles are 3-3 and the Cowboys are 2-3. Need I say more?

:07 Ok, you want me to believe that all those people knew that Lance Armstrong took performance enhancing drugs and they knew all this time and no one ever said a word until now. Do-you-really-believe- that? Or do you think that maybe “The Powers that Be” just might have something on some of these guys to get them to roll over? Hmm…

:06 As promised, I went to the old timers basketball practice and here’s what I found out. “Bum” Coates still got game and yes, he can still shoot the ball. But guess what else I uncovered? “AI” is still sudden death from that wing spot. “Hop” and “Spud”…both former great athletes back in the day, are still rollin’. “Big Bill” is still quiet, but effective on the boards. “Mike W.” and “Chuck” can still run faster with a ball than most people can without one. “Mike Dean” is just cool and “Mitch” is the key to victory with his inside game. And to no one’s surprise, I can still shoot the ball… always could and always will. Don’t believe me, ask the other guys I just mentioned. I shut down the gym with five in a row…all net! I’m just saying!! But the real reason I bring this to your attention is this, No. 1 — When the old timers have a home game here, go out and support them. You can still see some great ball. No. 2 — In the wake of the sudden loss of some of our basketball brothers who loved and played the game, it’s just great to be able to live life and still enjoy the game that brought us all so-much-fun!!!

:05 Movie Review Time: You know you love it. Yes, you do…yes, you do! All “Taken 2” is doing is “Taken” your money. I mean, it’s alright, but it’s not close to the original. I give it two basketballs…and that really is because it’s Liam Neeson.

:04 And while I have the attention of the artistic side of your brain, how about this…“Back to the World,” “If I were only a Child Again,” “Keep on Pushin’,” “We’re a Winner,” “We People Who Are Darker Than Blue,” “Stone Junkie”…aawwee, you forgot about Curtis Mayfield…excuse me, the great Curtis Mayfield. You know there was “The Man” and his music before and after “Superfly”!

:03 Round up—Pitt lost to Syracuse; WVU went back to Texas and got their butts whopped; Ike Taylor and the Steelers gave another one away at the end; Penn State was off; the City League is holding onto a league (more next week); the Pirates are done; “Jeter,” and now the Yankees are done and there may never be hockey again. There, that’s all I got!

:02 Don’t forget the Plum Lady Mustangs are holding their “Got Skillz” basketball camp for girls ages 3-8 years old. But here’s what you need to know. Two of the greatest-of-all time will be on hand to teach your girls the game. Three-time NCAA UConn national champion and WNBA star, Ashley Battle and University of Pittsburgh All-American and Big East Hall of Famer, Coach Jennifer Bruce. For more information, call Coach Bruce at Plum Sr. High School. Call now…Do it now!

:01 Time is running out to get your tickets to the best time you will have the rest of this year, Jazz at Le Maison Du Paix. For you city league grads…and some of you recent Penn Hills and Woodland Hills grads, that means “The House of Peace.” For your $25 donation, that will go to The Champions Toys for Tots Christmas Party, you get wine and cheese, the Fabulous Allure Models Fashion Show, face masks painted by local artist, Ernie Bey (a keepsake to be sure), photo taken for you and yours on the spot and last, but not least, the legendary Kenny Blake in concert. This is a VIP status dress to impress event to be held at one of the most magnificent locations in Allegheny County that you will never forget. (You must call to buy or reserve tickets. Only 60 tickets available. Call now, 412-628-4856.

:00 Double Overtime

And this man could get it for you. A fond farewell to one of Western Pa’s all time greatest basketball stars, Mr. Jim McCoy. “Jumpin” Jim McCoy and his late brother Julius came out of Farrell, Pa. and dominated the game on every level. A former Pittsburgh Piper who I had the pleasure of knowing through Connie Hawkins, his Piper teammate. He now takes a starting position on “Heaven’s Hooper’s” and trust me, that already super star team just got taken to another level.


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