:10 Right out the gate! Listen to me and please try to get this. YOU MUST VOTE…We, you, cannot afford to assume anything about the upcoming election, and don’t do it for me do it for the thousands of people who gave their lives for your right to vote. Some of them were part of your family. C’mon man!!!


:09 I don’t know if you know this, but Charles Buddy “Allie” set another world record in the Masters track division…that makes four (4) count-em 1,2,3,4! And at age 65 he “ain’t” done yet. More on this local legend to come. Just keep reading.

:08 Roy “Druck” Dean…Yea, man, you knew it was coming. Dean is one of North Side’s great all around athletes and tremendous basketball player. He is also the strong but always calm voice behind the non-stop transition also known as “Bump Yes,” a leader both on and off the court and one of the founding fathers of the Connie Hawkins League. Brother Dean, I hear you’re reading every week and for that, you’re now in The Locker Room!

:07 Speaking of “Bump Yes”…and I was, the rumor on the street that Thomas “Bum” Coates can’t shoot anymore is apparently greatly exaggerated. Just ask “Bum” and he’ll tell you. But trust me on this my loyal readers, I am going to the old timers practice tomorrow and I’ll see for myself and I-will-let-you-know! And can somebody please tell me after all these years what is a “Bump Yes”? I am just askin.

:06 I told ya after Ben’s first touchdown pass nobody would remember or care about “The Incident”. And likewise I told ya after Penn State started winning “That Incident” would become a fleeting memory too. They are now 4 and 2 and still packing 100,000 into Beaver Stadium. They should have punished the guilty and left the innocent alone. The guys playing now did nothing wrong!!

:05 Don’t blame me, but the next time anybody does a slam dunk list around here you damm well better have these three names on it. Darrin “Big Dex” Poindexter, Byron “Baby” Boyd and Eugene McCae. Now all is right in the world.

:04 The Pirates are done. Former owner Kevin McClatchy “Came Out”…Not that there’s anything wrong with that!! The Pens aren’t playing hockey, Pitt lost by one, Penn State won big, West Virginia went to the Longhorn state and kicked some Texas butt and the Steelers “squeeze-um” one out over “Vick” and the Eagles Aka Dirty Birds. OK, now you’re caught up.

:03 Don’t relax, we got more work to do. The Steelers play at Tennessee Thursday night without Troy Polomulo. Playing the Titans is never easy, not there, and a short week doesn’t make it any easier. But the good news is Harrison and Mendenhal are back. Steelers by 10, take it to the bank.

:02 That rained out Champions/United Rays Corvette Club Car Cruise will be coming back at ya Oct. 28. “Get ready to get ready.” More info next week but mark your calendar for cruising and watching the Steelers short circuit RGIII and the Redskins.

:01 It’s about to be on! The Fall Fantasy Fashion show starring the Allur’e models and featuring the great Kenny Blake happens Oct. 27 at the Magnificant Le Maison Du Paix aka “The House of Peace” Bed and Breakfast, 8904 Eastwood Rd. off Frankstown Road in Penn Hills. It’s Right up the street from Simmie’s Restaurant heading towards Penn Hills at the light across from the Jehovah Witness Center. The show is from 8 p.m. until midnight / Jazz By Kenny Blake 9 p.m. / wine and light hor dorves / fireplace and quality relaxation, and a showcase by the Fabulous Allur’e Models / $25 donation benefits Champions Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner and Toys for Tots Christmas Party — Call 412-628-4856 for this intimate evening…and Debbie Norrell will be there so now I know you’re coming!

:00 Double Overtime

You know we do basketball. Well here’s some basketball for ya. The Plum High School “Lady Mustangs” will present a Saturday Girls Basketball Clinic for grades 3-8 on Nov 3 from 8:30 am until 5 pm at Plum Sr. High School. The clinic is open to all schools and is headed up by some of the area’s greatest basketball names, Coach Bernie Pucka, Coach Rudy Seneca, and Coach Jennifer Bruce. The clinic will also feature WNBA and 3 time NCAA Uconn National Champion Ashley Battle. To register call 412-999-2355. The cost for the day is only $50 and you’re requested to bring a lunch. Drinks and snacks will be provided. Go Mustangs!!!


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