Last Sunday the Steelers hosted a trash talking party and invited the Philadelphia Eagles and hey a football game broke out. Now according to the scoreboard the Steelers won the by a score of 16-14 but according to the “pollsters” Philly won the on field debate and ya know what? The Eagles might get a “post game bounce” relative to the constant jibber jabber and verbal jousts that were taking place on the field before, during and after play. I was told that a certain Philly defensive player whose name is very difficult to enunciate, told Ben Roethlisberger in his best John “the Duke” Wayne tough guy impression voice that for all intents and purposes Roethlisberger was “yeller.”

Shortly before the next play; the misty eyed QB looked over the Eagles defensive alignment and then looked the culprit trash talker square in the eye and yelled back in a voice almost cracking with emotion. “No mother for ya, I ain’t yeller. I’m Black and yeller.” The surprised garbage mouth yelled back, “cool.” “Yinz” and Yang here is something for your ears only. I heard that Andy Reid flew to NY to plead with Commissioner Roger Goodell to sign a waiver to allow Mike Vick to borrow a few barrels of genuine “Biletnikoff” brand “stick um” in order to finish the 2012 season with more completed passes than fumbles. The “Commish” informed Mr. Reid that, it wasn’t about the illegal or legal use of the “Biletnikoff” product but the remainder of the product had been used to glue the Commissioner’s mouth shut during the NFLRA lockout and the Saints “pain for play” bounty scandal. What a waste of good “stick-um.”

West Virginia Blues

Hey yaw’ll, I was a bit concerned when West Virginia announced their intentions to bail from the Big East to the more market rich Big 12. The Big East has long been viewed as the “Big Weak” Conference, well at least in football. I disagree with that assessment because if Big East teams are so weak, why did a slew of conferences attempt to and succeed in luring them not into greener pastures but into uncharted competitive waters? Well answer this quick question for me, yaw’ll. How many pro sports franchises call any city located in the lovely state of West Virginia home? This is a very short answer, nada, none, zilch, and zero. That being said the state does not have a pool of professional sports dough to pull from so all of its marketing, economic and social energy has to be focused on high school and college athletics. When the state does construct or update high school and college athletic facilities they don’t have to worry about a significant percentage of that revenue being generated by those venues being gobbled up by the mega salaries of the professional “performers” that are chosen to play there. That additional revenue can be used for a variety of other projects besides a new mansion or a fleet of luxury cars for the enjoyment of a pro athlete. College players don’t or aren’t supposed to be compensated for their labor, is that correct?

Well let’s talk a little about WVU’s last game. Geno Smith and No. 8 Mountaineers traveled to Texas and may just have left the Longhorns feeling as if they may have mistakenly ingested a few of the wrong “mushrooms” at the salad bar. The Mountaineers now appear as if they are the “Big Beast” from the Big East. Smith passed for four scores and Mountaineers running back Andrew Buie ran for 207 yards and two touchdowns and the West Virginia bull rode the Texas Longhorns in route to a 48-45 victory. In their previous contest against Baylor, The Mountaineers scored 70 points in West “Virginny” (yes the same Baylor the produced RG III) but everyone thought that offensive onslaught was partially because the Mountaineers were performing at home coupled with the apparent fact that the 2012 Baylor squad does not have much in terms of a credible defense. Smith had this to say about the impressive win in Texas, “Every week, we’re going to go out and have fun.” In West Virginia there are no money hungry, titanium tooth bling-blingers taking much needed dough out of the economy of one of the poorest states in the union departing the state for destinations unknown after the season has concluded. See the majority of the dough collected from sporting events can be recycled back into the local economy keeping the money at home where it belongs except of course if one of the young misguided athletes wants to make a little dough by accepting an alumni financed plane ticket home or signs a T-shirt or two for a small fee in order to buy a few extra pizzas or a new pair of sneakers or maybe, just maybe to have a little bit of fun. But wait a minute; you can always have a bit more fun when you are winning and especially if you are the only game in town and especially if you are not getting paid.

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