One of these days these crazy trends are going to end.


If I see one more young man with sagging pants I’m going to scream. Today I saw a woman with sagging pants she was pretending to be a dude but I was not convinced. It’s not cute, never has been cute and never will be cute.

Find a new style one where your pants fit.

Supposedly this whole sagging thing started in the prison system because prisoners could not have belts because they may hang themselves.

And what’s with the socks and sandals?


Old men did that so many years ago. I hated it then and I really hate it now. I wonder if the young men know this is something old men used to do?

Did Nike intend for these sandals to be worn this way?

I don’t think so. Somebody please tell women that leggings are not to be worn as pants, especially if you can see your underwear through them. Full length mirrors are cheap, get one.

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