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I know you heard this story, the one about the man playing dominos with friends outside on an upper level balcony in the East End of Pittsburgh. Apparently this man had to use the bathroom. Most people I know, men and women alike, will go to a room called the bathroom and use the toilet. I know men are “blessed” with the ability to go to the bathroom wherever they deem is fit at the time the need arises but this story takes the cake. According to all news accounts Roosevelt Robinson urinated over the railing of the balcony into the alley below. My guess is he and his friends have done this before without incident. Things didn’t go so smoothly last week unfortunately. When 35-year-old Roosevelt Robinson relieved himself there was someone below in the alley. YIPES! And they received a golden shower they were not expecting. Reportedly they hollered out “Yo, Yo” but then decided to show Mr. Robinson what they were working with, a firearm, a weapon, a piece and Robinson was shot and died.

A story like this is why I hate guns. I can understand the shock and dismay of the person who was rained upon but did they need to pull out a gun? I’m not sure there is even a description of the person with the gun. Maybe the only thing they have is the bullet; this is definitely one for CSI.

Let’s move on to an old story that recently reared its head. I know people hate when this happens. Something you did back in 1999 pops up and you wind up in the news. Yes this is the story about the school police cop that was caught wrestling with a young student in a third floor closet of the school years ago. Every time I hear these stories I keep asking myself “who does this stuff?”

If you missed this hot news item, seems like back in 1999 a Pittsburgh Public School police officer was found rolling around on the floor with a student. Things that make you go hmmmm. It is amazing that these male students were abused many years ago and now have come forward with their stories. Now 43-year-old Robert Lellock is facing 23 sexual abuse charges dating back to 1998, involving four alleged victims. Reportedly the former school cop told them back then that he would kill their family if they told. OMG.

Police say Lellock is currently being questioned. The Allegheny County district attorney is also investigating how school officials handled a report that Lellock molested one child in 1999. Why wasn’t he fired then? Lellock, a 22-year-veteran of the school police force, was suspended for 20 days back in 1999 when he was found in the closet wrestling on the floor with a student but it seems he was allowed to keep his job. Lellock was allowed to resign on September 11 of this year because the school board thought this would be more expeditious than a termination. That’s interesting; just watch how Donald Trump does it “you’re fired.”

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