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by Diane I. Daniels
For New Pittsburgh Courier

Many people classify themselves as a serial entrepreneur, a person who continuously comes up with new ideas and starts and operates new businesses. Keenan D. Holmes of Suite-360 fits that description and is excited to accept the description. “I’m enjoying the journey,” he said.

SETTING A PACE FOR THE FUTURE—Keenan Holmes of Vueture Media serves as an information source during the Mylan Golf Classic. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels)

A former athlete, Holmes professionally describes himself as an entrepreneur, advisor, counselor, attorney and strategist with many irons in the fire. Using Suite-360 as the holding company for his ventures he says the sky is the limit as to how far he can go.

Founder and CEO of Suite-360 since 2006, Holmes says he has been helping clients identify their specific challenges aiming to seek out and monetize opportunities within those challenges. “Our mission is to leverage mutually-beneficial relationships and monetize networks utilizing strategic growth plans, active risk management and ongoing business development,” he said. He works specifically with startup and emerging growth companies and specializes in identifying, creating and developing growth opportunities.

Two years after establishing Suite-360 he founded the Holmes Law Group. An admirer of the late Johnny Cochran, he says, “We serve as true legal and business advisors and advocates for our clients by taking a vested personal interest in protecting them, their businesses and communities.” His fields of expertise include business transactions, civil litigation, employment law, estate planning, general in-house counsel and independent legal advice, personal wills, power of attorney and real estate law.

At age 32, considering his self a new breed of esquire he says his firm is based on 21st Century principles. Not using the traditional office, conference room, paper law library, receptionist or secretary his goal is to provide low hourly rates and affordable fixed rates to his clients. Using forms of technology, he says, “Our attorneys practice from their home offices, armed with laptops, monitors, a backup file server and their iPhones. Technology allows us to be efficient, active and responsive to our clients.”

Like most in his generation, Holmes is intrigued and controlled by technology. His newest endeavor established in 2010, Vueture Media is a multi-touch media firm. He describes the company as an innovative, technology company that develops turnkey, integrated solutions for interactive, multi touch user interfaces. In laymen terms he says Vueture Media designs interactive touch screens and visual displays.

“We specialize in developing interactive tools that change the way people interact, work and play,” he said. The business integrates touch screen technologies using a custom software platform and hardware into a complete solution for industry specific applications.

Effective best with televisions, computer monitors or display screens 32 inches or larger, Holmes outlined that visual displays are and can be used in most markets. Demonstrating its capabilities during the recent Mylan Golf Classic charity event at South Pointe people used the screen to check golfer’s scores, what hole they were playing or how they were competing against the 200 golfers.

Designed specifically for companies providing products to consumers, Holmes emphasized that the multi-touch displays and software are great for all types of businesses including healthcare, law firms, sports, photography and public safety. He says he has worked in the markets of architecture, retail, home and business design and real estate.

Excited about the growth of the business he says in addition to his screens being utilized as tradeshow displays, in kiosks and in corporate lobbies and malls he is looking to expand into educational facilities, airports, hotels and hospitals.

Vueture media is also introducing interactive table tops and interactive window screens. “Our mission is simply to enable our clients to use Vueture Media to help make them more efficient, effective and relevant in what they do,” Holmes pointed out. “In doing so our total solution includes not only providing the customized software and needed hardware to complete a project, but also installation, training, maintenance and support.”

Located at 2338 East Carson Street, Holmes says like his law firm his objective is to be convenient and cost effective for his customers.

A product of divorced parents, Holmes credits his grandmother and his sports career for instilling a lot in his life. A native of Richmond, Va., he attended Rice University in Houston as well as Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he played basketball. He gained his law degree from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law and worked for the national law firm of Eckert Seamans Cherin and Mellott, LLC based in Pittsburgh. While at the law firm his focus, was in the labor and employment department where he says he handled many areas including numerous commercial litigation cases and counseled companies with respect to incorporation and other issues related to starting companies.

Leaving the firm in 2008 he is known for his first case when serving as defensive counsel for Josh Stewart the teenager accused of selling a student a bag of Oxycontin which was fatal.

During his 32 years of living Holmes says, “I’ve had a great life.” The father of three says he strives to be the best that he can in all situations of life. “I’m excited about what’s ahead and will continue to hold on to my faith, enjoying the journey and chasing my dreams.”

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