:10 At the time of this writing I come to you from the 25th seat on the driver’s side, upper deck of the best ride in the world… The Mega Bus! I don’t know how they can move you from New Jersey to Washington, D.C., to Pittsburgh for $50, but they do and they do it well. (Now I gotta tell ya this information may not get in the paper cause Mr. Broadus and Mr. Gaines don’t play that free advertisement stuff, but here it goes.)

:09 Tiger, PLEASE… ­Either win a tournament or shut up and go back to your alternative lifestyle. I can’t get your back much longer.

:08 Speaking of the Mega-Bus, and I was, no sooner than I get in line do I walk right up on Jeff Moye…excuse me…Mr. Jefferey Moye, atorney-at-law, an old Connie Hawkins League baller from back in the day, and a good one. Jeff you’re now in the locker room.

:07 I know you haven’t done it yet, so I’ll keep reminding you until you do. Call Pitt University Athletic Department and tell them to retire Sam Clancy’s uniform. You don’t have to give your name if you don’t want to but keep the pressure on. After all, he’s only the 2nd or 3rd greatest basketball player in Pitt’s history depending on who you ask. And while you’re at it, can someone please tell me why Jennifer Bruce doesn’t have her uniform retired? She out-scored every man in the university’s history…I’m just saying!! And what about Larry Harris and Clyde Vaughn? I am just saying again!

:06 Early prediction! The Steelers 24, the Broncos 14. We don’t care about “no stinkin” Peyton Manning! Reality check… Denver 31 Pgh 19. My bad, Mr. Payton!

:05 Funny how we keep making jokes about the West Virginia University football team and all they seem to do every year is win. Hey Pitt and Penn State, it ain’t so funny huh?

:04 Oh yeah, for you parents out there who want to stand around and complain about how bad the coach treats his little league football team, here’s some advice…Just-Shut-up! Or do something. Make these little league coaches do the right thing for your kids—no cussin’, hold down the screaming, Coaches pull “your” pants up and most importantly, teach them something other than football. They’re only 10 years old…c’mon man!

:03 I don’t know who I want to be. Lord knows Denzel, Will Smith, A young Ali, hell, Michael Jordon would be great, but I can tell you who I don’t want to be…Sam Ficken, the kicker for Penn State. He missed four field goals inside the 40-yard mark and an extra point. Get out of town, man! The Lions fall to Virginia by one.

:02 If I were allowed to say stuff like this I would say this. Here’s to the new leadership coming to lead the Pittsburgh NAACP into battle. And make no mistake about it, there is a war going on, just ask Jordan Miles! Connie Parker for president of the Pittsburgh NAACP, and if I’m going to fight this enemy, I am taking attorney Milton Raiford with me. Nuff said! Hey can I say this stuff or not? Don’t forget you have to be a member to vote.

:01 Hey…Ah…um…Pittsburgh…this here is “Mudbone talking to all you old school cats that didn’t get to be old being no fool. You need to call me and get Eddie Jefferies’ number so you can call him! Ya know the boy had a little problem.. a little set back ya see. But listen, the boys all right now. He don’t look funny or twisted in the face or nottin’ like that…no funnier than he always looked…and that little hitch he got in his get-along…well back in the day that was called “The Duquesne/Braddock Mack” other than that, he all right, mind sharp as a tack. I am telling ya he’ll take your digit number on the street hustle play and the boy don’t need paper nor pencil! Now shut-up and call me for his number Mmmmaaaannn! (And you know you have to qualify… you know who you are…yes you do… yes you do!) Bill Neal 412-628-4856.

:00 At the Buzzer, the last great car cruise is coming I promise. Just hold on and…Take it to the bank!

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