(NNPA)—Dear Gwendolyn:
I was dating a man who recently cheated on me. Well, I don’t know if he was cheating, but I was told he is dating another woman. I made it my business to see her. I don’t know how he could choose her and drop me. She’s fat and looks stinky. I was also told that this other woman is intimidated by me because I’m pretty. Well, it goes beyond pretty—I’m extremely pretty.


Gwendolyn, I can understand men mistreating plain old ugly women, but not one of beauty. I don’t want him back because with my looks I can get any man I want. What do you think?—Beth

Dear Beth:

You are in the wrong century. Men no longer look for beauty but they will use a beautiful lady as a play toy. Their actions make a good looking woman feel like a piece of gold with diamonds stuck to her skin. This behavior does indeed confuse a woman.

Let me tell you this: You need to take another look into your mirror. In fact, go out and purchase another mirror. The one you have is not reflecting a true image of your looks. You need to realize that pretty women get tons of dates, but the plain looking woman gets the good husband. Think about it. Men like a smart woman with a brain. They can deal physically with a pretty woman until she opens her mouth and starts talking—then all the dumbness comes out.

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