Dear Editor:

I never thought that there would come a time when I would be embarrassed to say that I was a citizen of Pennsylvania. That time has now come with the enforcement of the Voter ID Law.

In a recent court hearing to overturn the Voter ID Law, the spokesperson for the State could cite no instances of voter fraud. The Republican Judge then ruled to uphold the Voter ID Law.

In his six years as Pennsylvania Attorney General, Republican Governor Tom Corbett did not prosecute one single case of voter fraud. But he signed the Voter ID bill.

Statewide, the Republican members of the House of Representatives and of the Senate, hiding behind the “voter fraud” smokescreen, voted to support the Voter ID bill. However, the “cat was let out of the bag” by Republican Representative Mike Turzai, when he boasted “Voter ID –Done — This will allow Mitt Romney to win the State of Pennsylvania.” No mention of stopping voter fraud by Mr. Turzai; just a shameless, brazen admittance of the true purpose of the Voter ID Law.

This law imposes difficulties in obtaining identification for hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvania citizens, who have been voting honestly for their entire lives. The Voter ID Law targets the poor, the elderly, minorities and students. What happened to their protection under the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which guarantees the right to vote to racial, ethnic and minority citizens? What ever happened to encouraging more and more people to exercise their right to vote?

Simple. The people targeted by the Voter ID Law do not agree with the agenda of the Voter ID Law supporters, so let’s just make it as difficult as possible for them to vote, even if their right to vote is guaranteed by law. You never hear the Republican nominee for president or the Republican nominee for vice-president mention what is going on in Republican controlled states in regard to the Voter ID Law.

Romney and Ryan know what is happening, but they are so intent on winning at all costs, that they are willing to allow the voting rights of our citizens to be trampled.

This is an embarrassment for the state of Pennsylvania, a crime against all legal voters nationwide and a shameful attempt to steal the presidency of the United States of America.

Dan Siderio
Gettysburg, Pa.

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