After watching most of the Democratic Convention and some of the Republican Convention I’m convinced more than ever that we as Americans and especially as Black people must get out and vote in masses to make sure President Barack Obama gets four more years, because if Mitt Romney wins this country is in big trouble. Depression type of trouble, and if the country is in trouble we all know what that means for Blacks and Latinos.


One thing I found odd at the GOP convention, was that George Bush—neither father nor son—was at the convention, unless I missed them. It was a big contrast. The Democrats had their former president, Bill Clinton, 1992-2000, speak, yet the Republicans didn’t allow George W. Bush, 2000-2008 to speak. It was as though they were trying to hide him. Yes his policies drove this country into a recession that would have been a depression if Obama had not taken over. But these were not just his policies, they were the policies of the Republican Party led by the Republican House and Senate who formed the majority for six years.

After listening to the Republican platform, I’m trying to figure out what is the difference between the GOP today and the GOP during the Bush administration. Do they think people are that dumb? Or should I say are people that dumb in that they will not see that the same policies and philosophies that got America into this mess are the same today? Where’s the difference?

The direction of the Democrats are moving forward while the Republicans are moving back to the “Good Ole Days.” Those Good Ole Days when women knew their place, Blacks filled the ghettoes and had to accept the leftover jobs, and Latinos took whatever was left. The Good Ole Days when women didn’t have the right to choose if they wanted to have a child or not. The Good Ole Days when Blacks were not allowed to vote. They even talked about all those Black people on welfare, which is confusing to me. Are we having too many kids and living on welfare or are we aborting them?

Its mind boggling to me that abortions and welfare are still issues in this country. I’m surprised the quota system didn’t come up. I thought that these issues were taken care of years ago. But some of these old issues are being brought back once again to get the ultra conservative Southern and Western rural votes, while distracting people from the real issues. The real issues are the economy, military, health care and education. If you get people all caught up in emotional issues they don’t look past them to their condition and the conditions of the people around them and ask, “Who got us into this mess?”

Even the bailouts, the first was under the Bush administration with the support of the Republicans. Yet now it’s being blamed on Obama. I’m still trying to comprehend how giving a tax cut to the rich is going to help this country in any way. This was the first thing President Bush did, and we all know what happened as a result. Maybe they forget. The trickle down affect has never worked and it never will, because people are not just going to do the right thing.

One thing I disagree with the Democrats and Republicans on. If we are going to move this country forward it has to be a joint effort between the rich and middle class. The rich cannot do it alone, nor can the middle class. Just about all the accomplishments in this country have come with all incomes, races and genders working together. The rich man has the vision and the money to start the business but it’s the middle class from the CEO down to the cleaning people who actually make it work.

I’m trying to understand how forcing people to have babies they don’t want, even if they are raped, or forcing people off welfare, is going to help the economy. Maybe if more people had access to good paying jobs there would be fewer people on welfare, if more people had access to a quality education from K through college, there would be fewer abortions and fewer people on welfare. If more people had affordable health care there would be fewer deaths of people already living, and a whole lot less suffering. Where are the Right to Life people on these issues? Even though 85 percent of the country said we needed health care reform during the 2008 election, I’m still not hearing any kind of real effort for reform from the GOP.

Even though President Obama has not been perfect, just think how much would have been done in this country if the Republicans had not blocked, by voting against, everything he put on the table. You would think that they would at least say let’s try it to see if it will work. Then if it failed, they could point a finger right at the President. But instead they’ve voted against everything he has proposed while offering nothing in return. So the reason this country hasn’t recovered is more the GOP’s fault than the President’s.

What if the President had decided to let General Motors and Chrysler go under. Imagine what affect that would have had on this country.

No I’m not saying President Obama is perfect, but he is offering solutions, whereas Mitt Romney and the Republicans are offering the same programs and policies that were proven failures during the Bush regime. I guess they are hoping we don’t remember.

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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