:10 Mixed Doubles Tennis Update: #1 “Joyce” didn’t win, #2 “Ernie” didn’t win, #3 “Fred” didn’t win, #4 “Wade” didn’t win…MORE AT ELEVEN!!

:09 The problem for the Pirates is very clear. They have hit a collective wall, like, I said last week and now you see it. Tired bats, tired arms, tired mentally …just tired man!


:08 Yeah, Mike Wallace is back! No big deal. He’s just another member on the team right? He’s not special right? All he does is run a 4.2 40-yard dash, make the defense put two men on him at all times and stretch the field to Mexico and back…yeah, no big deal huh!

:07 You know my call. Let’s get out and support our City League football players and the few teams we have left. Hey, I know, we’re down to “6” schools, but we still have to support the kids. Now get going… “The House, The House, The House will never fall” …well, maybe not!

:06 If you haven’t heard by now, Tyler Scott, the great player from Gateway High School who is also their all-time leading scorer, just took his above the rim game to Kent State. Just remember what I told you at the top of last season. In two years, Scott will be a star somewhere…Kent State is that somewhere. Take it to the bank!

:05 Oh yeah, Dwayne and Joy Woodruff didn’t win the tennis tournament ­either…my bad. I didn’t know you knew already… yeah, I know that but, you still have to wait until they play…but they still look fantastic walking towards the courts!

:04 Dr. Alton Powe, you’re still the coolest cat in town. Great to see you Slippery Rock alum.

:03 A little late but, just as important, here’s a massive slam dunk for the late great Schenley Spartan Archie McGill. Those that were there will tell you he was as good as anyone on that ’66 dream team with Kenny Durrett…and was left-handed as “Powe” pointed out. Making killing ya that much easier. McGill report to heaven and join the team. Durrett, Gilliam, Lewis, Kelly, Lucas, Gissendaner, Richardson, Walker, Macklin, Pryor, Tuna Fish… everybody pick up your gear, game time at 8. Don’t worry, no practice required!!!

:02 Ms. Payne, Richelle, Ricky, Rik, “Lemon Wish” …I’m just saying.

:01 The Last Great Car Cruise by Champions and the United Rays Corvette Club coming soon. More details next week, but get ready, you know it’s gonna be big!


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