:10 In case you missed it, “The Pittsburgh Pressure” defeated “K.C. Runners” in an at the buzzer thriller in the 37th annual Connie Hawkins Youth Development Summer Basketball League. The final score was 89-88 and that doesn’t begin to tell the story of how great the game was. Two well organized and coached teams, a capacity crowd…standing room only and all at the Penn Hills YMCA. Man, that’s basketball! A tip of the cap to winning coach “G” and runner up coach Bruce Schifino.


:09 If you missed that, you probably missed this too. That wraps up the 37th consecutive year of Connie Hawkins Summer League Basketball…now and without equal, the longest running summer league in Western Pennsylvania history…somebody say Amen…Amen!!!

:08 If you’re wondering why? It’s because the Pittsburgh Pirates have hit a collective Wall. The pressure of winning, unlike before, staying above 500, competing at a higher level, pitchers working harder and the bats having to do more. It takes a toll. Add to that bad decisions by the coaches and here we are.

:07 If you’re on the Steeler “O-Line,” you might as well plan on getting hurt. It comes with the job. No. 1 pick David DeCastro will be out for an extended period of time with a torn-up knee. It’s a set-back, but we’ll be okay there.

:06 If Roger Clemons can come back and play b-level baseball, why can’t Barry Bonds? After all, they’re both innocent. Right…Right. ..Right?!?!

:05 To the lovely ladies at Debbie Norrell’s birthday party that said you read my column, I didn’t get your names, but guess what? You’re now in the locker room! You know who you are…Luv the lady readers!

:04 Roland “Cosmic Echoes” Slade and I “The Dons” sat down with sports historian and local basketball coaching legend, Eddie “Rankin Gangsters” Jefferies and, of course the conversation was about the game. So here’s the final word on the greatest era of hoops this city has ever known, and in fives not 10s, so we’re very clear here: (Oh the era, 1960-1980…Never to be equaled)

•Top 5 City Players All-Time

1. Kenny Durrett 2. Jeep Kelly 3. Ricky Coleman 4. Sam Clancy 5. DeJuan Blair

•Top 5 Slam Dunkers All-Time

1. “Flyin” Myron Brown 2. Nathan “Sonny” Lewis 3. Morrie “Skylab” Cox 4. Steve Snyder 5. John Farley

•Top 5 Connie Hawkins League Teams

1. Rankin Gangsters 4 titles 2. Cosmic Echoes 3 titles 3. The Force 2 titles 4. Bump Yews 2 titles 5. K. Hall Rebels 2 titles

•No. 1 Best Dressed Team—“The Dons” (Nobody else came close!)…C.mon man—Give me something!


:03 Movie Time…The No. 1 movie in the nation is No. 1 for a reason. Go see “The Expendables” Mmmaaannn! It’s all that and a senior discount and a free bag of popcorn. I give it 3-1/2 basketballs. (You know I don’t give out 4s that easy…The Godfather, Training Day, Josey Wales, American Gangster, The Magnificent 7, The Hustler…only the great ones!)

:02 Raise your hoods for the outstanding Car Cruise and outdoor concert with the legendary Flow Band held at the magnificent Barcelona Restaurant in Penn Hills on Saturday. 200 plus people enjoyed the 85° sun and the Waterfront along with the United Rays Corvette Club, the Soul Pitt Website and Ms. Donna Baxter and, of course, The Fabulous Allure Models. Check out the website for great follow-up photos.

:01 Yes, it’s that time again. If you got game, you can prove it. The 37th Annual Champions Labor Day Mixed Doubles Celebrity Tennis Tournament. Being Served to ya Monday, September 3rd at The Highland Park Tennis Courts (lower level). Registration 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon. The tournament starts at 12:00 sharp. All talent levels welcome, 16 to 60 years or older. 10:00 a.m. registration. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place trophies. Call the Champions for information, (412) 628-4856.


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