Travis Malloy hopes that the music on his second CD will prick people’s soul and draw them to Christ.

“I want people to realize that Jesus is the right way. Music is my passion and my purpose is to minister through music,” said Malloy, 24, who grew up in Stanton Heights and graduated from CAPA in 2006.

Malloy says the performing arts school was instrumental in teaching him how to become a viable entertainment artist.

TRAVIS MALLOY (Photos by Jacquelyn McDonald)

“I learned how to play piano by ear and how to sing by ear. I thought I was great,” Malloy said. “But CAPA helped mold me into the artist I am today.”

Today, Malloy is a stronger, more grounded singer, song-writer and producer who is totally focused on completing the mission of music ministry that he believes God has him on.

Malloy released his debut album, “Lift Him Up,” in 2009, which was produced by J. Drew Sheard and featured Kierra “KiKi” Sheard. He has been working on his new CD, which dropped everywhere on June 29, for two years.

He has had the pleasure of serving as the opening act for such national recording artists as Donnie McClurkin and Josh Groban.

“It has been a journey. But I tell people that they need to stay focused and learn their craft. They need to realize that sometimes they are not ready to go after what they want,” Malloy said. “Sometimes people are so hungry because they want the promise, but they don’t want to go through the process of getting that promise.

“You have to go through the ups and downs and deal with the heart-breaking promises that people tell you. You have to learn to embrace the let downs so that you can enjoy the promise. The thing is that we don’t get to pick the process. You don’t know what’s going to come next and that’s the hard part.”

Malloy said he appreciates God and His timing because he doesn’t make mistakes.

And Malloy’s self-titled second CD is proof of that.

The 14-song disc is filled with gospel hip-hop songs created to inspire and empower God’s people.

“Every time I wanted to stop, God would give me another song and I would say ‘oh I want the world to hear that one’ and I’d put it on the album,” Malloy said with a smile. “I write about what I experience. I don’t write about things that I haven’t experienced. I write about the experience of God because I’ve experienced it.”

The album features New Jersey director DJ Camper and Penn Hills native Tommy Brown, who is signed to Rodney Jerkins record label. Brown also worked on Malloy’s debut effort.

“We have such a good chemistry. We can write songs together in our sleep,” Malloy said.

The album was officially released during a CD release party held on June 29 at Petra International Ministries, the church Malloy grew up in. He debuted two singles from the album, “Yes You Will” featuring Philadelphia’s Tia Pittman and “Lift Him Up.” The project was released through his own record label, Malloy Entertainment.

This time around, Malloy used live drums and more live singers.

“The CD release party was great! There were about 1,100 people there and to have it at Petra, where I grew up, was amazing. Pittsburgh has always been good and supportive to me,” he said.

In addition to promoting his current CD, Malloy is writing music for his next musical project and looking for artists to nurture and produce on his record label.

“I am looking for the triple threat. God blessed me to be able to sing, write, produce and I’m looking for someone who reminds me of myself,” Malloy said.

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