I had a friend who used to love to ask people “Didn’t your mamma tell you not to never touch nothing that ain’t yours?” Yes my mother did tell me that and continues to tell me that. Maybe she thinks I forgot what she told me decades ago. If you train up a child the right way they usually don’t forget what you have beaten them over the head with. Oops I meant to say what you have continued to remind them of.

I never wanted my mother to have to visit me in jail or see me being forced to wear orange. When I heard about the 14-year-old boy that stole a Jeep and then had a terrible accident, my mother’s words popped back into my head. When I heard that his mother tried to make an excuse for her son by saying that the owner of the car should not have left the keys in the ignition I was shocked. How could she go on TV and say that? To this day, as old as I am, there are things I will not do because I do not want my mother to find out.

What is going on with some of today’s parents? Why are they even parents? I thought a parent was to give guidance, love, direction and discipline. Just in the last two weeks I have heard stories about a mother and son theft ring, and mother and daughter shop lifting operation who stole over $5,000 from a suburban mall, the daughter was 14 and was driving the getaway car.

Just recently two young girls robbed a 62-year-old lady at the busway. The girls assaulted her and took her purse, county police said. They hit her in the head; a blow that police said “left her incapacitated.”  And this is what was printed in the paper about that pair: county police did not release their names because they are juveniles, but said the girls will be charged with robbery, aggravated assault and conspiracy. Are you kidding me? Put their names and pictures in the paper, put their pictures on every telephone pole right along with a photo of their mother and father.

But let’s get back to the car thief and his momma. What type of training are you providing? Do you tell your son if he sees something that does not belong to him to just go ahead and take it as long as no one is looking? What are your hopes and dreams for him when he grows up, if he makes it that far?  For a mother to condone her son for taking a “joyride” is crazy. The owner of the Jeep said the mother needs a reality check. I agree, her son could have been killed or several others could have been killed as well due to his reckless behavior. The accident closed the parkway for five hours.

A friend always reminds me to not leave anything of value visible in my car and says, “We don’t want to make a good kid go bad.” I agree, but I hope that kid will remember never to touch anything that is not theirs.

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