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There are those who believe that all Blacks are anti police, the truth is that Blacks are overwhelmingly pro police. We recognize the importance of professional acting police and the danger element that is involved with the firemen first and then the police, but that is what was known when they applied for the positions.


This week’s column is the result of the surprising, but not shocking result of the atrocious actions of three Pittsburgh Police. Jordan Miles did what I did when I was a youngster–run from the police, but we clearly understood whether you were right or wrong when the wagon rolled upon you it made no difference, and everybody would tell you I was a good youngster. To those Whites who believe the police are always right and that Blacks overwhelmingly live outside the law, they generally suffer from the kind of racism that emanates from total ignorance. They get confused with statistics. For example Blacks make up 12 percent of the population in Allegheny County and 52 percent of those in the Allegheny County jail. I contend that 85 to 90 percent of Blacks have never been arrested.

In my personal life I have a police record, but I have never been convicted and I was arrested five times. The dispositions were Not Guilty and Nolle Prossed three times (dismissed). All five arrests were the direct result of informing police that I had constitutional rights. The officers portrayed me as a colored smart Alec, because I was able to quote certain constitutional amendments, which related to their unlawful actions infringing upon my rights as an American citizen.

These White persons overwhelmingly view the police as protectors, but based on some of the actions that we have witnessed they are officer persecutors. Allow me to recite some of the criminal actions of SOME police at every level of government from the smallest police force to the federal government. If you read national newspapers or watch television you recall unbelievable actions of police hit squads in Florida and New Orleans. The torture squad in the city of Chicago just paid out $57,000,000 and many other cases are pending in New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, cities in New Jersey and other cities. Also national stories have proven that an alarming number of police who work undercover seeking to arrest hoodlums, too often assimilate. In the city of Pittsburgh police have been arrested for pandering, using drugs, wife beating, stealing, robbing drug dealers and selling stolen clothes.

The Code of Blue that exists among White police officers is immoral and illegal, how do they sleep at night? The Code of Blue that exists among Black police is not only illegal and immoral, but it is a direct result of self-hate.

I took notice that Jordan Miles’ jury was 92 percent White, whatever happened to jury of your peers? That is not to say an all Black jury would have ruled in his favor, but least I believe he would have had a better opportunity in receiving justice. I would not be surprised if the case is settled out of court, his photograph is a clear indication of excessive force.

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(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a weekly contributor to the Forum Page.)

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