I have to admit I have not been watching the Olympics, but I keep my ears open for anything that is news worthy. When I heard that people were talking about the hairstyle of gold medal winner Gabrielle Douglas, I was shocked. I remember seeing her and didn’t think anything of her hairstyle. From what I could see all of the gymnasts were wearing their hair the same way pulled back with a few clips to make sure that the hair stayed in place. What did you really expect? Maybe a weave, braids or a relaxer styled into a bob?

I read some of the comments from her mom, and might I add that her mom should not be explaining anything about her gold medal winning daughter’s hair. But this is what she said; “You know that Gabby lives in Iowa with a Caucasian host family.” She also stated that there is not a hair salon nearby that could style African-American hair. We all know “we” cannot run into Super Cuts for the $10 special.

Douglas should not have her hair on her mind; the only thing she should be thinking about is winning. After those comments were published it seemed to throw her off of her game and she did not place. Sometimes women can be so evil, and men as well, when it comes to Black women and their hair. There are some people who want long hair so bad that they will go to any lengths to get it. No longer do ladies seek out the hair stylist who can grow it as long as they can sew it.

Last week Inside Edition showed a photograph of Naomi Campbell caught swimming without all of her fake hair. She has practically lost all of her hairline. Once that happens the hair does not grow back in that spot. This comes from pulling the hair too tight when braiding and allowing unskilled, and unlicensed individuals access to your hair.

Our hair, I’m talking to the sistas, is the reason so many of us, yes me included are not working out the way that we should. If we have that weekly hair appointment we don’t want to sweat out our hair at the gym and waste the money we spend at the salon, nor do we want to jump in the pool and get it wet.

I have a few friends who wear a beautiful bald cut or a very close cut. I just love it and remember the one time that I cut my hair so close that I thought my parents were going to have a heart attack. It was the most comfortable hair cut that I’ve ever had. No need to wrap or roll up at night, no doo rag and no hot curlers in the morning—just brush and go. It was fun and sexy and convertible friendly.

But back to Gabby Douglas, what do people want? Would they like to see a hair stylist following her around with a Golden Hot curling iron and a can of hair spray? I’m so impressed by her abilities her hair was the last thing on my mind. Bring home the gold Gabby.

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