:10 I don’t know him, I know of him, of course. But can someone please tell me why former Penn State Assistant Coach Tom Bradley has nothing to say? I’m just asking!

:09 About the Penn State Thing: I am with Franco Harris!

•Too much blame on Joe Paterno and not enough blame on the criminal… Sandusky!


•Leave the current players alone. The innocent should not suffer the sins of the guilty.

•For the players that stay and gut it out you will be remembered for it. Remember the Titans!

•Speaking of which it’s not that easy to up and transfer, especially if you’re not a superstar.

•Taking the games away from a dead man is just wrong!!! I bet the university didn’t give back the billion dollars that Joe Paterno brought to the college!!

:08 Your last name is “Bolt”…and by birth, not made up. Of course you’re the fastest man on the planet!

:07 Olympic Women’s Water Polo…Boorriinngg with a Capital “B”!

:06 Now Women’s Beach Volleyball, that’s a sport. Clearly the Greek gods’ original Olympic plans were to have women play for the gold in bikinis. I love you Greek gods!

:05 A huge, mega, enormous, gigantic “you go, girl” to 16-year-old Gabby Douglas, the first African-American to win the overall gold in women’s gymnastic competition. You haters about her hair…are you kidding me…I mean, that’s all you got. And every one of you that put that crap out there probably can’t roll your fat butt off the couch let alone across a gym floor. And you know the hair your wearing ain’t yours…just shut up!!!

:04 Just for the record… the U.S. men’s basketball team will win the gold. But Lithuania showed you that the U.S. having a bad game when the other team is having a great game along with the wrong U.S. attitude can spell disaster!

:03 So you believe Jordan Miles is making the demolition of his face up and you also believe the cops are telling the truth. That tells me that you also believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, that the Viet Nam War made sense, that J-Lo is finer than Halle…(ok maybe), that there was a better voice than David Ruffin and above all that the Miami Heat and LeBron James didn’t get special treatment from the ref’s (Neal…let it go man! …ok my bad) well you believe all that do ya…do ya …c’mon man!!!

:02 The…your Pittsburgh Steelers kick it off on Thursday against the Philadelphia Eagles…let’s go boys…it’s showtime!

:01 At The Buzzer, ­Hhheeerrreee we go. You asked for it and you’re going to get it!

•The Armon Gilliam Memorial “Hard Work” Basketball Camp for Boys and Girls ages 8-16 tips off Aug. 11 & 12 at the Penn Hills YMCA. Advance registration is required, call for information at 412-628-4856. Check in is at 8:30 a.m. sharp and believe me boys and girls this will be hard work!!

•The Allure Models and Champion Enterprises Summer Car Wash is coming at ya Aug. 18 at the Monroeville Firestone across from Chuck-E-Cheese on Rt 22, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. (rain date Aug. 19) oh shut up…you know you want to see the models getting wet…and sudsy! Yes you do…yes you do!!!

•The last summer bash coming up Aug. 25 at Bar­celona Restaurant, Alle­gheny River Boulevard with the fabulous Flow Band, Pgh.’s No.1 Reggae Band and Car Cruise from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Call 412-628-4856 for more info.

•Love ya Donna Baxter and the Soul Pitt website. You’re Fan-Tas-Tic!!!

:00 Double Overtime: Mike Wallace you are making a Big Big Big Mistake. You better read the Hines Ward and Franco Harris story and make sure you read the last chapter…If they send “Franco” packin’ they’ll send anybody packin’!!!

Game Over

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