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I’m not a big fan of ads period, and political ads in particular but the latest President Obama ad nailed it.
Sorry, I guess I’ve been watching too much Olympics, but the ad has been played several times during the Olympics.


The ad states very clearly what President Obama is about and what Mitt Romney is about and what will happen if Romney takes office. It would be the Middle Class vs. the Rich.

The President Obama ad makes it clear he inherited the mess he’s in from the Republican Bush administration who had a GOP House and Senate to work with for six years. Yet the country moved from a surplus to a huge deficit under the GOP leadership. It moved from one of its most prosperous times, for the middle class, to a recession under that leadership.

So President Obama asked the question, what has candidate Romney and the GOP offered that is different from the Bush administration, the same failed policy that put American in this mess in the first place?

People have a tendency to forget, so they need to be reminded.

Some of the questions all intelligent voters should be asking regardless of party are:

One: Is the country better or worse now than it was when he took office?

Two: Would the country have been better off if the GOP had not blocked almost everything he has proposed?

Three: What are Romney and the GOP offering which is different from what Bush and the GOP were offering that led us to the Recession in the first place?

As President Obama has stated, the trickle down affect has been tried before and proven to be a failure, so why is the GOP still campaigning on this same old theory and not willing to tax the rich more than the Middle Class?

A strong Middle Class has been proven more than once to lead to a strong economy. The Middle Class grew under the Clinton administration to the point that Blacks and Hispanics enjoyed unprecedented prosperity, as did Whites. Many reached that level for the first time, which benefited the country. The more money one makes, the more money they spend, and the more taxes they pay. The Middle Class is still the majority in this country.

One of the big issues is unemployment vs. job creation. The GOP is using the unemployment numbers which are not getting any better, versus, the Democrats who are using new jobs created which has increased at a high level. But just like everything else, the GOP is not actually giving anything new they would do to decrease the unemployment rate. It’s the exact same plan as the Bush administration.

New job creations vs. unemployment is something I don’t totally understand yet, but I will before the election. I would think new jobs would cut into the unemployment, but apparently it hasn’t.

I’m glad to see the President go right at Romney and the GOP on the major issues, especially Health Care, employment, and jobs creation, which fuel the economy as a whole. Most people want to hear what the President is going to do, not what Romney programs won’t do. The President did a great job of comparing his and Romney/GOP policies. Hopefully there will be more ads like this in the future.

Notice I used Romney and the GOP, because defeating Romney isn’t enough, we need to return the House back to the Democrats. This would give the President more freedom to get some of his programs through. I believe the more his programs are passed and implemented the better off this country will be for all.

One thing I disagree with the President on is the keeping of our troops in Afghanistan. We need to get out of this country and let them fight their own battle. We can give training and weapons to the group that we support, but our young men and women should not be getting killed and injured in this foreign land that has nothing to do with our freedom or security. We should not be about nation building. Al-Qaeda is all over the world, and the leader was killed in Pakistan, which is supposed to be one of our allies.

I know it would intensify the hatred conservatives have for President Obama but it would bring more liberals, independents, moderates, and Libertarians to vote for him. The conservatives aren’t going to vote for him anyways. After the killing of Osama bin Laden how can we still justify being in this country?

(Ulish Carter is the managing editor of the New Pittsburgh Courier.)

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