Everyone has a favorite outfit and you just might wear it more than once. Well it seems that our First Lady is no different than anyone else; the only difference is her every move is tracked. What designer was she wearing, how high are her shoes, is her hair up or down?


I was amazed to see an article complete with photos showing her wearing a dress twice. The story stated where she wore the dress first, what shoes she had on each time and how she styled her hair. I’m sure FLOTUS (First Lady of the United States) has a staff that can catalog what she wears and where.

I thought about doing that at one time, but then thought better of it. Who cares if I wear something more than once? Most of the things I buy I really like, hence the reason I bought it and if something looks good why not wear it more than once. As a matter of fact I have instituted a new rule. If I put something on or wear something and it is uncomfortable or just doesn’t give me the look I was trying to achieve, I toss the garment in the pile for the thrift store.

On my last shopping trip in my closet I ran across one of my favorite outfits and wondered why I had not wore it in the past year. It needs to go back into rotation. I also came across a few dresses with tags still on them, these dresses are begging for the right event so they, too, can be revealed.

Let’s get back to FLOTUS; the dress that sparked the article was a turquoise sheath by Chris Benz. She wore the dress first last year during a guest appearance on “Extreme Makeover Home Edition” and then the dress popped back up recently on the campaign trail in Florida. The polka dot Jason Wu also had an encore performance on the campaign trail.

I decided to take a look at some of these designers and their price points. Jason Wu does not come cheap, several of his dresses ranged between $1,195 and $1,950. I found the turquoise Chris Benz on sale for $716. If I paid that much for my dresses I would wear it again as well, at least she put 12 months in between wears.

I would love to have the job of monitoring what FLOTUS wears where. Or how about the job of catching stars that have the same outfit, you know that segment in some magazines: “Who Wore it Best?” I always love that segment and can’t figure out how stars of that caliber are actually shopping off the rack and buying dresses that they clearly know there are more than one of. Or maybe they just have a weak stylist. I wonder how they feel when they see their pictures in the magazine and someone right next to them in the same outfit.

Mrs. Obama please don’t let anyone prevent you from wearing the same dress twice. I’m sure the President doesn’t mind you saving a little money. If you have anything that you are tired of please forward it to me in care of the New Pittsburgh Courier.

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